Q: So if no one presses the bell, the homeowner inside the house cannot initiate the comms at all via the app?

A: The Soliom app notifies the homeowner every time someone is at your front door when they trigger the motion sensor. Easily check to see who’s there whether it’s a friend, the delivery man, or someone unknown.


Q: Is the chime a wired OR wireless type? Can it be configured to work in BOTH Soliom and the home bell together?

A: The chime is wireless to plug into the household socket. It can both use in Soliom doorbell and the Chime. The door chime will need to pair with the doorbell successfully the first time. It's easy to follow the user manual and do the pairing.


Q: When the SD Card is full does it overwrite the oldest files or is there an option for this?

A:1) The SD card is on the back side of the Soliom Doorbell, It can help to save more video recordings without any charging fees. If you use in the cloud, you need to pay for the monthly or yearly fee for it. Also, SD card is more efficiently to check the videos as many as you want.

2) Soliom Doorbell supports saving up to 20 recorded videos to the Cloud storage free of charge. It is automatically saved, allowing to review the last 20 recordings)


Q: How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged during cloud days / no direct sunlight?

A: The built-in 5000 mA lithium battery with fully self-sustainable can work 22 hours per day with 6 months. After that, you can use the backup battery to charge the Soliom Doorbell when no sunlight.


Q: Any way to adjust the camera angle to ensure the floor is on the picture, without moving the doorbell lower to the ground?

A: The 165º wide angle cannot be adjusted.


Q: Will you guys feature a theft warranty? For example if it is stolen can we provide a police report and get a replacement for free?

A: The anti-theft motion detection protects your home anytime with live recording. The motion sensor alerts you when someone approaches your door. If someone tries to rip the video doorbell from where it is, an alert will be sent to you in real time. In this way, you can't loss your doorbell, even it gets lost, you can show the live recording to the police and track the status of your local police.

Q: Is it possible to download the app on more then one phone and pair the doorbell so that all devices get notice ?

A: Each doorbell can connect and pair with 2-4 phones to get the notice.


Q: Is WIFI/data connection necessary for Soliom to operate without cloud storage or viewing through the app? 

A: The cloud storage and local storage support the video recording under the WiFi/data connection. Otherwise, it can't do the recording through the phone App.


Q: Will there be any limit to the duration of the video recording function in Soliom? If yes, how long? If no, what is the maximum sd card capacity Soliom can hold?

A: The Micro SD card supports 64GB max. Each Soliom video doorbell also can save up to 20 recorded videos to the Cloud storage free of charge. Also, each video can set as 15/30/60 seconds for recording.


Q: Does it has ITTT-support?

A:Soliom Video Doorbell currently doesn't support ITTT.


Q: How long does it take to charge a fully used battery back to 100%?