How to install your Soliom camera?

Note that you should set up your Soliom camera in your Soliom app before mounting it to your wall. Click here for information on setting up your Soliom camera.

1.How to physically install your Soliom camera?

Step one:

Line up the mounting bracket:--Place the mounting bracket to a proper height.Suggest height is about 8ft(2.4m)--Mark the positions of the mounting holes with a pencil.

Step Two:

Drill holes and tighten the screws--Use a drill to drill holes where you marked the position of the mounting holes.-If you're mounting the bracket on masonry or stucco surface,put the included plastic anchors into the holes.You may need to use a hammer to get the anchors in.-If you're mounting the bracket on wood or vinyl surface,just use the included screws.--Use the included screwdriver to tight all screws to the holes.

Step Three:

Screw your Soliom Camera to the mounted bracket.

Step Four:

Adjust the Soliom camera to a right angle so that you can catch the motions you want while avoiding the motions you don't.(This can be adjusted again when you connect Soliom camera to your phone by a live view).