Soliom Smart Hummingbird Feeder Camera

Attract & Identify Hummingbirds Effortlessly!

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Smart Bird Feeder with AI Recognition

Meet Your Feathered Neighbors

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Human Detection, Auto-Tracking, Spotlight & Color Night Vision

See Clearly Day & Night: 10x Zoom Security Camera

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Attract, Watch & Identify Birds with Ease

Watch birds in real-time, identify species, and learn more about their habits with Soliom Smart Bird Feeder Cameras.

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Soliom 1080P Camera & Night Vision

Packed with a crystal-clear 1080p camera and night vision that lets you see in full color, this device zooms in 8 times to show you every feather in amazing detail. Whether it's day or night, get a close-up view of our feathered friends in all their glory!

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Hear from Our Customers

Sturdy Bird Feeder with Great Camera

This bird feeder is well-made and easy to set up. It holds a lot of seed and protects it from the rain. The included camera has a great quality picture and strong wifi connection.

Solar-Powered Bird Feeder with Great Camera Attracts Daily Visitors

This feeder is well-constructed and easy to install. It has a solar panel and a camera that works well with and without infrared light. Birds frequent the feeder daily.

Easy-to-Use Bird Feeder with Shareable Camera Brings Families Together

This feeder is easy to set up and connect to wifi. The camera provides a clear view of the birds and can be shared with others. Even though it requires an outlet for charging, it is easy to hang and use.

Reliable Bird Feeder with Smart Camera Impresses After 6 Months

Even after 6 months of use, the feeder and camera are still high quality and reliable. The AI-powered bird identification feature works well and the app allows for notifications

Bird Feeder Camera Captures Stunning Footage, Identifies Birds

This bird feeder camera provides high-quality footage and allows you to identify birds with its AI feature. The reviewer enjoys watching a variety of birds and plans to purchase another one as a gift. Worth my money.

Bird Feeder Camera Brings Birds Up Close for All Ages

This bird feeder camera provides a close-up view of birds and is easy to use. It makes a great gift for people of all ages and can help you learn about different bird species. The reviewer plans to update the review with photos taken by the camera.

Easy-to-Use Bird Feeder Camera with Great Daytime Video

As a bird enthusiast, I was thrilled to install this bird feeder camera in my backyard. Right out of the box, I was impressed by the feeder's sturdy construction. It feels built to last, which is important since it will be hanging outside year-round.

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