Birds of May
May sees nesting birds thriving in gardens. Provide wild food, maintain nesting sites, and use multiple feeding stations for bird welfare.
Harnessing Nature's Beauty: Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Garden
The YouTuber @GardenObsessions illustrates how integrating technology, like a camera-equipped bird feeder, into traditional gardening can enhance the experience and support a thriving ecosystem, beneficial for both aesthetics and local wildlife.
10 funny facts about hummingbirds
Hummingbirds, illegal as pets, have impressive memories and migrate thousands of miles yearly. They return to feeders post-migration, consume insects alongside nectar, and prefer natural sources. Their heavy brains aid survival in freezing temperatures through torpor.
5 Tips to Manage Bird Feeding in Your Backyard
The article offers five tips for managing bird feeding to favor native species over invasive ones like house sparrows or European starlings. Tips include using size-selective feeders, offering specific seeds, diversifying feeder types and locations, using deterrents, and keeping seeds off the ground. These strategies aim to maintain a balanced ecosystem while enjoying bird watching.