Where Technology Meets Nature and Security

Nature's Theater, Brought Home.

Soliom transforms your backyard into a wildlife haven. Our AI-powered bird feeder cameras bring the beauty of nature right to your device, while our security cameras keep your home safe. Experience the outdoors,closer than ever.

Soliom camera

Orchestrate Nature's Symphony

Soliom unlocks the beauty of nature with smart feeders and security cameras. AI recognizes bird species, cameras capture stunning close-ups, all while our tech ensures home security. Reconnect with nature's music, enhanced by technology.

Product DNA

Superior design and craftsmanship

Premium materials

Sophisticated technology

Ultimate birdwatching but beyond birdwatching. Soliom is a gateway to a richer connection with the natural world and a commitment to creating a safer living environment.

Michael Li — Founder and CEO

Soliom is founded by a team of passionate engineers and nature enthusiasts.

Soliom begins research and development on smart home devices for outdoor spaces.

Soliom achieves a breakthrough in AI bird recognition technology.

Beta testing of feeders commences with a select group of nature enthusiasts.

Based on positive beta testing results, Soliom finalizes the design of its first smart feeder.

Soliom website features user-generated content showcasing beautiful bird sightings captured with Soliom feeders.

The website emphasizes how Soliom products provide peace of mind while preserving the natural soundscape.

Soliom.net will continue to be a hub for information, updates, and a community for nature enthusiasts.