3 Tips for preventing squirrels from the bird feeder

3 Tips for preventing squirrels from the bird feeder

1.Mixing cayenne pepper with your birdseed is an effective strategy to deter squirrels from consuming it.

Anyone who maintains a bird feeder has likely encountered the challenge of squirrels pilfering the seeds. Fortunately, squirrels strongly dislike chili. Birds, in contrast, are unable to perceive its spiciness and frequently consume chilis and pepper seeds in their natural habitat. By blending powdered cayenne with your birdseed, birds will remain unaffected while squirrels will steer clear of it as if it were a threat.
It has been suggested that the development of spiciness in peppers is attributed to the fact that mammals have the ability to perceive spice, while birds do not. This adaptation holds significance as pepper plants thrive when their seeds are situated on top of soil, exposed to sunlight. Mammals, typically, tend to deposit seeds underground or near water sources through excretion, while bird droppings are scattered randomly on the surface. Over an extensive period, pepper plants that effectively deterred mammals experienced better growth and adaptation.

2.Squirrel Baffles: A Barrier Against Climbing Tactics

Squirrel baffles, typically made of steel or plastic, wrap around the poles supporting your bird feeders. These barriers act as a deterrent for climbing squirrels, preventing them from reaching the feeder. Ensure the baffle is positioned high enough on the pole to thwart any ambitious leaps.


3. Special Way to Prevent Squirrels Accessing the Bird Feeders

Keep a distance between your feeder and nearby objects, as squirrels have an impressive jumping ability; Enclose part of the feeder with a wire mesh, with holes large enough to allow birds to freely fly in and out; except barrier, you may try mounting the feeder on PVC pipe, which is too slick for squirrels to climb...

"Less than 10 dollars, nothing can climb it"

There are many methods to prevent squirrels from accessing our bird feeders, but not all of them are completely effective. We recommend joining our Facebook bird lovers' group to find the method that works best for you to keep squirrels from consuming large amounts of bird food.

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