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The 11 Safety Tools Every Car Driver Should Be Using

The 11 Safety Tools Every Car Driver Should Be Using

Are you looking to buy new accessories that make driving fun and easy? If you've recently bought a new car, chances are you'll want to make the most of your motor by investing in some car accessories. Here some of essential car accessories that you must have. Must have car accessories and best car gadgets to drive safe and smart. The gadgets we've sourced here will make your vehicle a little more fun to be in.

1. Soliom 380°Dual Dash Cam

Upgrading your car with a dash cam allows you to dispute a ticket and even capture a crashing meteor. Dual dash cams record both the front and the rear of the vehicle, or front and internal of the vehicle. Record everything that happens on your drive with Soliom dual camera dash cam. SOLIOM G1 dash camera adopts the new seamless video joint technology to splice the dual 190°super wide-angle front and inside lens for a 380° full angle broader view. No blind area around your car, Soliom car driving recorder is a smart choice for Uber, lyft, taxi drivers or family use. its high-definition camera captures crystal clear footage day and night,24 Hours parking monitor mode makes the dual dash cams power up automatically to record a video clip when there's any collision or shake to your car.



2. Solar Power Tires' Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System, also called TPMS, uses pressure monitoring sensors within each tire to monitor specific pressure levels. Combined with the solar energy display, it lets driver get the real-time tire pressure data,
temperature data and status, warning messages at once. Solar power display features the green, low carbon and  renewable advantages, enabling you to charge the device faster and greener.Dynamically monitors all tire pressure and temperature, improves fuel efficiency, and prolongs tire life and ensures driver safety.

Solar Power Tires' Pressure Monitoring System



3. Car Jump Starter

A must have for every car! According to auto experts, this kit is on the list of must have car accessories. While you are driving on the road, there is nothing can guarantee that somebody can be around and give you a jump when you need it. That is why you should always bring a jump starter kit in your car.
1500 Peak Amp Jump Starter is designed for gas engines up to 6 liters (3L diesel) for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles & more. It is a portable and safe product that you can use with confidence.
Whenever your vehicle's battery is dead or it needs a jump. Potek jump starter allow you to jump your battery back to life without the need of another vehicle. These jump starters pack the power you need, from 750 instant starting amps  up to 1500 peak amps.

4. Car vacuum cleaner

Whether you have children or pets or you're just plain messy, an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner makes it easier to keep your car clean. Are you tried of using a dustpan or seeing your car dirty? Are you exhausted of using extension cables with your vacuum cleaner to clean your car in your parking lot? It`s annoying to clean the small places at your house!
Clean Your Car & tight corners with no time and efficacy thanks to our Cordless Rechargeable Car Vacuum Cleaner,
Wet&Dry handheld, 106W Lithium Battery, with one strong aluminum fan, transparent dust compartment (with two adapter cables that allow you to charge the vacuum at home and car).


5. Wsiiroon Multicolor Interior LED Lights

More and more new vehicles are offering interior ambient lighting, and some even feature the option of choosing the lighting hues you'd prefer. These multicolor LED strips will provide the same result in any car with a 12-volt power outlet. You can cycle among eight colors using your voice or the included remote control, or you can have the lights automatically change color based on your music. Double-sided tape from 3M is included to secure the lights.

6. One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Mount is a universal smartphone solution that is engineered to safely enhance your driving experience. The one of a kind Easy One Touch mechanism allows you to easily mount and remove your smartphone with one simple hand motion. Utilize the range, strength, and stability of the telescopic arm to find the perfect position for your is universally compatible with all smartphones sizes to hold your device securely so you can drive safely.

7. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 39W Dual USB Car Charger

Spend less time charging and more time doing. Charge your tablets and smartphones at rapid speeds with the Anker
PowerPort+ 1 Quick Charge 3.0 .from Anker, America's leading USB charging Brand.Quick Charge 3.0 charges devices up to 80% in just 35 minutes. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost deliver the fastest possible charge to all non-Quick Charge devices. Advanced technology intelligently provides simultaneous, high speed charging to driver and passenger.

8. Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool

A Must-have in Your Car. You never have to use a car safety hammer but you can never be too careful!Priceless in use. It makes a big difference when your are trapped in car when underwater or in fire. Easy to use. It Cuts off seat belt and shatters car window quickly.

9. Car Air Purifier

ARE YOU TIRED FROM CAR BAD ODOR? This compact 2-in-1 car ionizer air purifier and dual USB charger will make your car smell new again and charge your phone and your passengers! Don't mask the odor, use your new car lighter air purifier to eliminate it!
Power Order and Cigarette Smoke Remover: Enoch Auto car ionizer effectively eliminate smoke, mold, food, and pets smell with the ozone particles release with the air freshener. Ionic particles quickly destroys persistent car
interior odors which kills bacteria and viruses to restore the neutral scent of your car.
Clean Fresh Air and Purifies Allergens: Negative ion particles attach on the airborne particles such as dust and
pollen causing them to drop from the air. This leave a zero residual smell and fresher air in the car supporting a
significant reduction in common allergies and asthma attacks. Breath easy to empower your health and life.

10. Lanmodo: Smart cover for your car

When you own a car, chances are you park under the bright sunlight a couple of times per day and for hours at a time. Worse enough, you’ll find out that your car’s interior is too hot and it’s a real pain to deal with sweltering temperatures in the cabin once you step inside. A new car tech is going to change that. Gone are the days of manually putting car covers and shades and dealing with uncomfortable cabin temperatures with this new smart car accessory.
Meet Lanmodo, the world’s first wireless and automatic car cover which not only serves as a car tent, but folds and
unfolds to work even as a large beach sunshade and a smart camping tent.

LANMODO Pro Four-season Automatic Car Tent Cover Carport Folded

11. Laser Radar Detector

Nobady wants their road trip interrupted by a speeding ticket. radar and laser detectors are as advanced as the high-performance cars they're often installed in. Escort's Passport S55 High Performance Radar/Laser detector more than lives up to its name with excellent all-around performance. Escort raises the bar by adding directional indication to its Max detector line. The Max 360 provides drivers with extreme range, state of the art response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display.360° protection and patented anti-falsing technology uses the power of GPS and the exact frequency to learn and remember false alerts from moving In-Vehicle Technology sources. You'll only hear what's important, nothing else.

Solar Power Tires' Pressure Monitoring System

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