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What Is a Home Alarm System and Why Should I Consider One?

What Is a Home Alarm System and Why Should I Consider One?
Looking for the perfect home alarm system used to be a headache. To help you decide which home Alarm system may be right for you, we collect top 10 reasons why I or you should need home Alarm systems.

What is a home alarm system?

A home alarm system is any system you use to monitor and secure your home from attacks such as intrusion and even environmental factors like fire, carbon monoxide, and floods.

Basically, there are 2 types of alarm systems- self-monitored and professionally monitored. Self-monitored systems leave the responsibility of protecting your home to you. You could use a number of devices. Examples are motion sensors, fire alarms, CO detectors, and camera. Cameras are vital in self-monitored systems as you will need it to verify what's going on to take the right actions.

Professionally monitored systems are the likes of Frontpoint, Vivint, ADT, etc. These systems are monitored by professionals 24/7 from a monitoring center. When an event, say, burglary happens, you are notified thru text, email, or call. Once the event is confirmed, they are the ones to call the police or fire department or emergency respondents when needed.

What are the types of alarm systems?

Following are 6 different types of sensors that home alarm systems use to detect an intruder:
Passive Infrared Motion Detectors. 
Ultrasonic Detectors. 
Microwave Detectors.
Magnetic Switches. 
Photoelectric Beams.
Glass Break Detectors.

How does a home alarm system work?

Your alarm system sounds when one of your sensors is triggered or you manually set off the alarm through your control panel or key fob remote. Depending on how your system is set up, one of two things will happen-either a high-decibel alarm will sound or a silent alarm will be sent to your ADT monitoring station.

What goes into a Security Alarm System?

It will most likely be made up of several components. These include,

Control panel–This is the central control unit of your security alarm system
Key fobs –Device used to remotely arm and disarm the system
Motion detectors – Detect movement in targeted areas
Panic buttons–Used to request immediate help in case of an emergency
Touch pads – Used for diagnostic operations, as well as to activate and deactivate alarms
Sirens – Used to create loud acoustic sounds to alert
Video monitoring (CCTV cameras) – Used to create a video link with the monitoring team
Window and door sensors – Used to sense movements and break ins via windows and doors

What is the purpose of alarm system?

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or other area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

Why do I need a home security system?

According to statistics provided by the FBI, property crime in 2012 caused a loss of $15.5 billion and burglaries were 23.4 percent of all property crime. Some would contend that this could’ve been prevented with the help of security alarm systems. The first reason why you should install a home security system is to secure your family and property. ... Installing a home security system means to protect your home and valuables, and to keep your family safe from potential break-ins by burglars.

Are home alarm systems effective?

When it comes to the effectiveness of home security systems, FBI states that homes with an efficient home security system are three times less likely to be burglarized. The efficiency of a home security system is directly proportional to its effectiveness.

How much does an alarm system cost?

A:This depends upon individual needs, the type of security system, the kind of monitoring service and the equipment involved. If a large area needs to be covered, then obviously a number of sensors and detectors will be required. However wireless security systems may allow you to save some money on installation charges. A wireless security system may also allow you to expand at less cost as compared to a wired system. The kind of detectors and sensors that you use with your security system could also be a contributing factor. The cost of monitoring services may include a basic monthly monitoring fee. A onetime activation and installation fee may also be covered in the total cost.

What is the best home alarm system?

The Best Home Security Companies of 2019

Frontpoint Home Security - Best Home Security System.
Vivint Smart Home - Best Home Automation.
ADT Security - Best Home Security Brand.
SimpliSafe Home Security System - Most Affordable Systems.
Protect America - Best Landline Option.
Brinks Home Security - Best Nest Integration.

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