How to Use your Soliom Doorbell x80?

How to Use Soliom Doorbell X80?

Note that you should set up your Soliom Solar doorbell x80 in your Soliom app before mounting it to your doorbell. Click here for information on setting up your Soliom doorbell.

1. How to connect Soliom X80 doorbell to the Soliom app?

Step one:

Make sure your phone is connected with a 2.4gHZ Wi-Fi,check your Wi-Fi signal strength and find a strongest position to start the following connection. (4g or 5g is not workable for this version) 

Step Two:

(Skip if you're the first time to connect)Press and hold on the reset button using the pin included in the package and you will hear the voice saying "system's reset".

Step Three:

Open the app- click add a device- click setup device

Step Four:

When you hear the following voice: “The camera is now ready to begin pairing", please click "yes" on the app.

Step Five:

Input the CORRECT 2.4gHZ Wi-Fi password( same password as stated at Step One). If not, you will not be able to connect successfully. So click the eye icon to show the characters to make sure your password is correct again.

2. How to record videos and receive notifications in motion detection mode?

Step one:

Set up you phone in Permission Management to allow SOLIOM APP to send you notifications. Following this: Setting-Notifications-Soliom app- Click on Allow Notification.

Step Two:

Click the icon in the upper right in the APP to enter into device settings- click the accept call - choose Silence,Notification or call in as you preferred.

Step Three:

The PIR motion detection function is turned off by default, if you want to enable the motion detection, please click the video and get into the live streaming interface, find the Setting icon from the right bottom of the App.

(Device Setting)Route: 

Device Setting - Pir detection-please choose a sensitivity or disabled it.

Step Four:

The video clips recorded by motion detection mode will be saved into the micro SD card or Cloud Storage, suggested to click on the Cloud storage from the App.

(PS. If the PIR detection is turned off,the video clips can only be recorded into micro sd card) 

Route: Device Setting-SD card- Click on Cloud storage.

3.How to pair the Soliom doorbell x80 with the chime?

Step One:

Plug the chime into the household socket.

Step Two:

Press and hold on melody button on the chime,the LED of chime will stay blue.

Step Three:

When the LED of chime stays blue, you need to press and hold on the ring button of the doorbell (hold on 5-10 seconds) to pair them. When you findd the LED of chime flashes blue, you've paired them successfully. 

You will here the chime singing"Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong"