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Soliom Solar Doorbell

World’s first solar powered wire-free video doorbell-

Meet The New Doorbell

Simple to install,  Easy to conect to. 

Solar Powerd, No Worry Bad Battery.

No Monthly Subscription Fee.

Free Cloud Available.

IP65-certified Weatherproof.

Motion sensor & Night Vision.

See and hear what's happening at home from anywhere


 See exactly when a friend or family drops by with Soliom’s 1080P HD quality live streaming feature. Even better? Let them know you’ll be home soon with the two-way talk feature.

Security in Your Hands

The motion sensor alerts you when someone approaches your door, it protects your home with live recording. If someone tries to rip the video doorbell from where it is, an alert will be sent to you in real time.


  • Solar Powered

    Powered by the sun, Built-in solar power panel and a 5000mAh lithium battery.

  • Live Streaming

    Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app.

  • High Definition Video

    See who is at your door in high definition video -up to 1080p.

  • True Wirefree

    Screw the mount wherever you want the doorbell or use a highly adhesive 3M sticker to secure it.

  • Weatherproof IP65

    IP65-certified weatherproof and not afraid to brave the snow, rain, or heat.

  • Wide-angle Lens

    Provides a 165° wide-angle view of your entire doorstep landscape.

  • Motion Tracking

    Motion sensor activates video doorbell to take snapshots and trigger instant mobile alerts when movement is detected.

  • Unlimit Storage Saving

    Micro SD Card Storage And Free Cloud Storage Available.

  • Night Vision

    With the infrared LED lights, Soliom never misses any movements at night.

Customer Review

Easy to Use

Reviewed by  Scott

This doorbell was easy to install and set up. Great video and picture quality even at night. Response time is good as well, have been able to have conversations with people at the door in real time with no issues. I will recommend it.

A Great Video Doorbell

Reviewed by  Arthur D 

Amazing product! It's actually a perfect Wireless Video camera. The doorbell let you see who's at the door, You can speak with visitors anywhere. Review the day's events while you were away. so this camera surely meets my needs. I am very happy with my purchase.

Best Wireless Doorbell

Reviewed by Carlsen 

This is the smartest video doorbell around. It will quickly connect you and alert you to any guests or visitors approaching your home. It also records to the cloud. If you do choose this video doorbell, you will enjoy it. 

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