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5 features that will make you want to buy the latest Soliom video doorbell!

5 features that will make you want to buy the latest Soliom video doorbell!

An increasing number of people are switching to eco-friendly and green alternatives to many household equipment and processes. Thanks to latest advent in technology, it is now possible to use nature’s renewable resources to power your devices. One such innovation is the latest Soliom video doorbell. You would definitely want to know “how”!

 Let’s check out the top five features that make this device so brilliant that you would not hesitate to buy it.


  • Easy to install

If you think that you need a specialized professional or special equipment to install and use Soliom video doorbell, you are mistaken. The latest model of their video doorbell is very easy to install and operate. The video device comes with a mount that has to be screwed in the desired location. The video device is then affixed on the mount by the highly adhesive, super strength 3M sticker that is present it’s the back.


  • 100% self-sustaining

Soliom video doorbell has a built-in solar power panel as well as a 5000mAh lithium battery. This means that the device harnesses solar power and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Thanks to the super powerful battery, it retains its charge even if there are a few cloudy days and when direct sunlight is scanty. You don’t have to bother about charging the doorbell because it is completely self-sustaining.


  • Unbeatable safety and security features

The matchless safety and security features give an edge to Soliom video doorbell over other similar products in the market. Here are some ways how this doorbell increases the security of your home:

  • Wide angle view- Soliom’s video lens has a 165°wide angle view that allows you to keep a watchful eye on not only the door, but also to a fairly wide area around it.
  • Night vision- The video doorbell has a highly sensitive night vision feature that allows recording even in the darkest hours of the night.
  • Motion detection technology- The Soliom app linked to the doorbell sends a notification every time someone approaches the door.
  • Anti-theft alarm- In case someone tries to uninstall or rip off the doorbell from its installed site, the registered user immediately gets a notification.


  • Live streaming in HD and two-way talk feature

Another awesome feature of Soliom video doorbell is its 1080 HD quality live streaming feature. If you are stuck somewhere and a visitor drops by your house, you will be able to see them and even talk to them using the two-way talk feature.


  • Sturdy and durable design

Your Soliom video doorbell is truly waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Thus, it is ideal for your house regardless of your geographical location and weather conditions. The anti-smash housing of the doorbell prevents it from shattering under impact.


The features highlighted above makes the latest Soliom video doorbell a perfect solution to your safety concerns and convenience. In addition to this, it comes with user data protection and ample storage. It’s not a surprise that this doorbell currently is catching the attention of tech-savvy people and others alike!

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