Introducing Soliom S60 the All-New IR Starlight Night Vision Security Camera!

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Soliom S60 is here with its amazing IR Starlight Night Vision Security camera for your home. Now monitoring inside and outside of the house becomes easier and prominent to you.

If you are thinking of replacing the old-fashioned CCTV camera with the new elite one, then Soliom S60 can be the perfect replacement. The outstanding features and redefined design makes it easy to install and easy to manage. As it is run by the solar energy you don’t have to worry about your monthly electricity bill too. The 4000mAh battery will always stay active and will assist you in the monitoring the home and office. This wire-free CCTV camera needs no external charge as it stores its power from the energy of the sun during the daytime. The plastic-coated external body is meticulously made so that it can withstand in extreme weather conditions.   

It is the most reliable surveillance camera that can be used for securing your home and office at night time too. This is because it is developed with 1080p full HD 5 refined glasses lens which will provide you the best HD quality pictures. This camera is enhanced with the starlight night vision technology that plays a crucial role at night times. As the nights are dark it is designed in such a way that it can give the best quality videos at night times too. This design helps the camera to switch to night mode automatically after the surrounding area gets dark for improving the picture quality.

Thus, if the lights of the house are all switched off, yet you will be able to see every room of the house clearly with this camera. Due to this immaculate technology, the sensor of this surveillance camera will get activated and helps the lens to switch in the night mode. Actually, at night after switching on the night mode its starts emitting infrared light which captures the pictures. This distinctive feature makes this security camera the most preferable one. Soliom S60 is the innovation of the security camera which is filled with the latest technologies.|

Most importantly, in the most extreme dark conditions, this camera automatically converts its color mode into white and black for retaining the High-Definition picture quality. Thus, it can be the reliable CCTV camera to be installed in the outside of your home and in the garage or in the premises of your office. This unique technology helps in the activation of shutter speed at night times when the light of an area is too low. The shutter speed is fluctuating and is inversely proportionate to the light conditions of the area. With the help of all-new Soliom S60, you will be able to monitor from 27° to 91° area of the particular spot.

Due to the Infrared Ray, this camera will assist you in monitoring 165 feet area of the spot. The two motion detection radars will give 99% accuracy in detecting motion by triggering its speed and has almost eliminated the false alarms. Moreover, it stays active for 24/7 for assisting you monitoring the home from far away distance. Most surprisingly, it has two-way talk facility mode; thus you can leave messages at any time from your office or any other locations.