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5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Doorbell

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Doorbell

The front door of your house is the weakest point of security. It is the intruder’s first choice in accessing into the residence. The burglar knows that most people will simply open the door to almost anyone without checking. Once the door is open, a simple push is all that it takes. But with the progress in technology, nearly everything in the house is getting an IQ boost. We have smart locks, smart appliances, smart locks, and smart security.

You must have already been acquainted with how smart devices enhance your life, and the video doorbell has the same incredible potential. Smart doorbells are clearly smart security cameras that are attached to your front door which helps you to see and talk to whoever is calling, whether you are at home or away via smartphone.

In this article, we shall familiarize you with the 5 questions to ask before purchasing a doorbell.

  • How is it installed and powered? – Some smart doorbells are dead easy to install as they ring inside, over your door’s peephole, and run on a battery. Others are difficult because they have to be installed as a part of your regular doorbell and connected to your home’s electrical system. Some are powered both by the battery and hard-wired electricity source.

  • How do you know if someone is at the door? – That is a necessary question. You will know once they ring the doorbell. The Soliom solar video doorbell is one of the best products which are self-sustainable with an integrated solar panel. It has 1080p full HD live video streaming. It has a two-way talk and one-way video which requires one-step installation. This model also includes a motion detector and sends an alert if someone is outside your door.
  • What does it see?– Some smart doorbell includes a screen inside the door that helps you see who or what is outside your house. They capture still photo of the visitors when the bell is rung.
  • How theft and weather resistant is it?-  For those of you who live in extreme weather, the zone would probably want to know whether the best wireless doorbell would be able to withstand extreme heat, rain or snow that nature could throw at the device. You shall need to make sure the warranty against theft or whether by asking the manufacturer about its capabilities.

  • What’s a smart doorbell compatible with?– A full-featured smart doorbell is to be paired with a smart lock. So, after you speak to someone at your doorstep when you’re not at home, you can then unlock the door for them. This ensures you your best purchase.

 A smart doorbell is a new level of protection at your front doors which has never been available before. It has a built-in wireless surveillance camera that will allow you to view it from your tablet, phone or computer. We have listed five essential questions you need to ask before purchasing a doorbell. The concept of a doorbell is trivial but the convenience factor is off the charts.

Do you have a video doorbell or want to add one to your home?


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