Wireless Doorbell - The Answer to Your Doorbell Performance Problems

Wireless Doorbell - The Answer to Your Doorbell Performance Problems

When you don’t have a doorbell on the front door – or if yours doesn’t work properly – you can miss out on a lot – friends, family, PIZZA! There’s no reason to deal with the inconvenience, missed connections and safety compromise of being without a doorbell. Nowadays, wireless doorbell has grown in popularity over the last few years. Let’s discuss why having a wireless doorbell is important…


Aim of Wireless Doorbell

A Wireless Doorbell aim is to simply reduce the number of missed visitors or guests at your front door by alerting you through another more helpful means.

No Wires, Easier Installation

It is great for easy installation because there are no wires. You only put in the batteries and that is it. It is easy to move. Since there are no wires, you can chose to move the bell transmitter all around your house on a whim and the whole unit can even be taken when you sell your home or move. Simply put, you essentially are getting a wireless doorbell with an upgrade feature.

Smart Home Needs A Smart Doorbell

First, it's not just a doorbell that tells you someone is on the door waiting. The technology made it go further than that. it can be controlled easily with your smart phone. You can actually see and talk to the people on your door.


In a world where integration is becoming much more important, you may want to allow integration with your wireless doorbell. There are options out there too.

You have multiple options in terms of integration:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Alexa
  • Google Home

This biggest integration profit for my situation is the mobile applications. If you are like me, you will take your mobile phone everywhere!

To be able to see who is at my door from anywhere is incredible. Not only can I see the person, but I am also able to communicate with them if I need to.

Is it a Pizza delivery? I can point them to a neighbor’s house. Is it a friend? I can tell them when to re-visit. Is it your husband, who has left her keys in the house again? I can contain my laughter as I tell him when I can be expected home.

Alexa and Google home are being used more and more too, and integrating with there is sure to be available in the future. Having said that, I am not sure of the benefits of integration with these, with the possible exception of asking one of them to turn it off at night!

With reasons like these, it is easy to see why many are opting for a wireless doorbell. People who need to free from their doorbells problems must added feature as it brings more convenience to their lives. If you or someone you know needs a wireless doorbell, you should look into this further. 


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