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Advantages of Installing Soliom Outdoor Cameras You Never Knew

Advantages of Installing Soliom Outdoor Cameras You Never Knew

To be secure begins by being vigilant. Security issues have led to a widespread growth in the demand for installation of surveillance systems to safeguard ones residential and business properties and assets. Security camera systems have become very cost effective with a simple mode of operation and are easy to maintain.

The technological advancements in the field of security cameras have effectively increased the scope of security installations. Cameras can now be operated and accessed remotely through laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Modern cameras are no more just cameras since they are now equipped with several more features. The most characteristic feature was available in such wireless cameras in an inbuilt motion sensor facility which captures any movement-based footage in the vicinity is surrounding and sounds an alarm for the installer. This motion sensor features aids in deterring any potential offender from being caught on camera.


Masterpiece Designs and Unique Shapes

Surveillance cameras are available in many shapes, designs, various resolutions, features, and associated applications. Simplest versions are the indoor and outdoor camera options. Bullet camera, Dome camera, Box camera can be characterized based on their style or design. Night vision, day & night cameras, wireless cameras, thermal imaging cameras, IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras can be grouped under specific feature-based camera solutions. These wide ranges of options have galvanized advanced security and safety.

Soliom, a leader in camera security solutions established in 2001, it has researched and created viable security options which function on solar energy. Their designs have eradicated the old school cluster of wires and regular charging of cameras. Their devices do not need much maintenance, green natural energy, and cost-effective. The brand introduced the world’s first solar-powered video doorbell.

Features which makes choosing Soliom outdoor cameras the best viable option:

Soliom has incorporated several trending elements in their security devices while packing them with solar energy. A common issue with most camera devices is that they need regular charging. This has led the market by introducing camera devices powered by solar energy.

It offers a wide range of well-configured features in their prime product the S60 Solar wireless outdoor security camera. The best aspect of choosing this brand is that their devices are solar powered. The device comes with an in-built solar panel supported with a 4000mAh lithium battery and is completely wireless and easy to install. The device is configured with an HD 1080p high-resolution camera provides which aides in recording clear footage. The camera is equipped with the latest PIR (Passive Infrared) and Radar Motion sensor features which enable detection of any movements and sends real-time alerts to the user. The various models of the cameras are featured with IP67 and IP68 certified weather resistant/waterproof, which means be any climate or temperature these devices will continue to function seamlessly. These cameras can perform in extreme temperature from -20° C to +60° C. The camera is also configured with IR Starlight Night Vision technology with a range up to 49 ft. The camera can pan up to an angle of 160° and is featured with a two-way audio system through with one can see, hear, and speak to through your smartphone.

Choose a wise decision by choosing Soliom security camera.

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