Best locations for Home Security Cameras- 5 Tips to Strengthening your Home Security

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Security cameras are beneficial as they secure house. House break-in, stealing, and more are common crimes that take place in the residential areas. If you live in such neighborhoods, then you should install security cameras. However, it is also important to note that just getting security cameras would not help. You need to place them at the right locations.

These are the best locations to set up your security camera:

  • Front and back door:

The criminal would try to get away by the road. So, if you have roads near your house, make sure the camera covers it. Place the camera near the front door or window to get a full view. The criminals enter the house through the back door also. Therefore, ensure that the backyard and the road nearby is also captured.


  • Interior and exterior of Garage

In most houses, people can enter the house through the garage too. So place the camera near the garage area. It must overlook both the interior and exterior of your garage.  

  • Off-street windows

Even the criminals know of the security cameras. Therefore, they try to use the window which does not get covered in the camera. So ensure that off-streets windows also come under surveillance.

Some other places where you should install cameras are the basement, driveways, Exit gate, and the second floor.

Here are 5 tips to strengthen home security:

Tip 1: Go for Good quality camera: You need to check its quality, durability, and the image quality. Therefore, make sure you are getting a branded product. Soliom security cameras are one of the leading security cameras available, which consists of all the things required.

Tip 2: Find cameras made for harsh weather: Most of the cameras are placed outdoors. Therefore, when you purchase a wireless camera or cable camera, make sure it has protective gear. If you are living in areas which do not allow proper electricity cables or the cost is higher, you can go for solar security cameras.

Tip 3: Pick Wireless security cameras: Since the Wireless cameras are the trend now, and easy to install. Wireless cameras are fast, fluid, and embedded with high-quality technology. It can be easily accessible via an app from anywhere. Therefore, it is recommended to go for wireless.

Tip 4: Get cameras which deliver high-quality image:  It is always better to get a camera which captures high-quality images and video. Sometimes criminals are unrecognizable because of hazy footage.

Tip 5: Consider the lighting condition: If you place the camera in a lit place overlooking a dark area, then it will not capture anything. Moreover, when you place the camera near the garage area, make sure it is placed under a light source which is lighting up the area in front of the garage.

So, if you are planning to fix a Solar security camera in your house, follow the mentioned points. However, if you are unable to install the cameras, you can always contact experts who specialize in installing security cameras.