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Advantages of night luminous stickers by Soliom

Advantages of night luminous stickers by Soliom

Are you wondering what are night luminous stickers? Well, you have definitely seen the luminescent stickers of moon, stars and what not stuck on the home walls and ceilings, so that when it is dark, the luminescence of the stickers create a magical ambience. Well, these stickers look quirky and cute no doubt, but what if you can create a new luminescent statement with the stickers from Soliom which send out the message that your house is under surveillance?

You might have the surveillance camera placed outdoor or the new-age video doorbell to monitor the visitors at your front door, but unwanted people might still linger on.

No matter which security system you opt for, the obnoxious people might still pay a visit in disguise or in such a desperate way that they might not even notice the camera or doorbell. After all, the video doorbell looks stylish enough not to doubt that it has a hidden camera and the security camera might not even attract attention as it is generally placed at an elevation.

To ensure that people remain aware of the security system installed at your home, the night luminous surveillance sticker decals will be your best options. As they glow in dark, they can easily attract attention of the visitors.

How Advantageous Are The Soliom Night Luminous Stickers

Although looking quite insignificant during daytime, the night luminous stickers are designed perfectly in order to make anyone approaching your house aware. The advantages are as followed –

1. Compact Size And Easy To Install

night luminous stickers

To integrate with Soliom S60 and the video doorbell, the compact sized and bright colored stickers are to be stuck on the door, window, wall or any other surface. The luminous stickers are octagonal in shape and have height and width both 80mm. in sober yet highlighted blue color, the message depicting that the property is under audio and video surveillance is printed. There is no need to drill hole or clean up the sticky residue after removing of the stickers as they do not require adhesive to get stuck on any surface.

2. Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor

night luminous stickers

 In accordance with the solar powered doorbell and camera, the stickers can feature the surveillance warning message throughout 24x7 no matter whether it is stuck indoor or outdoor. Being waterproof like the camera and doorbell, it can easily brave the rains and harsh weather. With longer exposure under the sun, it will glow brighter in the dark.

3. Easily Noticeable And Protects From Illegal Activities

night luminous stickers

From vandalism to pranks and robbery to theft, the stickers can protect you from all illegal activities and unwanted people around your house. Unlike the wireless video doorbell and solar outdoor camera, the stickers are easily seen with the contrasting blue and white coloration, especially when they glow brightly in dark. None with wrong intention will, hence, try to enter your premises.

As you install the camera along with the decal, which is available as four in a package, you can be assured that the words on the sticker and its glow will never fade. Longevity is assured as these stickers are manufactured by testing them through dust, UV rays and water!

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