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Solar powered surveillance cameras have become a popular option for those wishing to secure remote locations with little to no access to a traditional power source. Additionally, the use of solar power is an environmentally friendly form of surveillance, causing minimal impact to the land. So what do you need to accomplish this? We’ll go over everything you need to know here. Soliom have released a new 100% Wire-Free WiFi Solar Camera PTZ with Spotlight-Soliom s600.
solar security camera
Outdoor Wireless IP Security Camera
Outdoor security cameras are IP-rated for protection from weather and environmental conditions. Because solar powered cameras are used outside, it is important to select devices that will be safe and work correctly in those
conditions. The camera should also be wireless, connecting to the internet via Wifi, as this will allow for the independent connection you are trying to accomplish.

The solar CCTV camera benefits from a fully solar-powered operation WiFi camera with pan tilt and zoom also has night vision. This camera will operate without any need for you to install a power supply as it is fully solar- powered.

The effective night vision distance is 20 meters.
Solar power, one day’s sunshine keeps the camera running for several days.
This unparalleled performance is achieved by 2pcs integrating batteries, solar panels, and intelligent standby

Some of the unique qualities of this security camera are:

Powered with solar energy and lithium batteries which store the power
Motion Detection sensors with notification alerts on your device
Smartphone app that lets you view and control the footage from anywhere in the world
Smartphone controls for camera direction and view
Night vision footage with color and motion-activated LED lights
Infrared Nightvision (up to 30m)
2-way audio system with mic and speakers
WiFi enabled for online viewing
SD card and Cloud storage facilities
Standalone system for one or multiple cameras
No cables, power outlets, or recorders required
Accessible by multiple users at the same time
Easy DIY set up

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Question About Solar Powered Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

The lithium-ion batteries power the camera system. The lithium batteries are charged by the solar panels absorbing energy from the sun. The surveillance camera has a motion sensor that enables the recording, for the server or SD
card to save. The surveillance camera is fitted with LED lights which are activated by motion detection (option to  deactivate) so you get night view. You will then receive a push notification on your device which will let you know that something has caused motion detection. You can access the footage in real-time and decide to communicate, if you want (optional), via 2-way audio installed into the security camera.

Generally, it will keep functioning as long as there is sunlight during the day to charge the solar panel. The batteries are expected to last months in standby state without any sun but if the device is used daily and motion is constantly detected then you will only get days or weeks without any solar energy charging the panel. If there is no motion or anything to monitor, the camera uses “standby mode.” It records and the light (adjustable) comes on as soon as it detects motion. This will save lots of battery life and even conventional CCTV surveillance cameras are set to record only on movement. As the remote sensing is very sensitive (within range), there is no need to stress about the camera skipping something while in standby mode.

You may view it using the live view feature at any time, via your mobile app, or you can view the saved footage after the event has taken place.

The footage can be stored using the Cloud Storage or by storing the video (up to 128 GB) on an SD card. This will transfer the video recordings onto the SD card for you to view later after the incident occurs.

You can easily install the solar panel with a few bolts on the camera mount. Then fix the camera to a pole, branch, house, fence, gate, or anywhere with a vertical surface using the 4 screws.

Use the serial number or QR code to download the app and connect the camera to your app, then generate a password.
You will then be able to change any setting and set up the recording for cloud storage.
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