Check List for Home Safety, Before You Leave for a Vacation

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Vacations are rejuvenating and put a stop in your otherwise monotonous routine life. Who does not want to leave all worries behind and enjoy some quality time in solitude or with family, far from the known locality? With smart technologies evolving with the advancement of your lifestyle, now there is no need to ruin your vacation worrying about the safety of your home and properties. To stay covered, here are the things to remember before setting out for vacation –

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Is Functioning

It is always better to set up wireless safety devices instead of wired ones that need to be connected with the main power. A wireless camera or video doorbell works with the help of solar energy and stays connected with your mobile devices through home-based Wi-Fi router so that you get live footage and motion notifications in real time. Make sure that you have recharged your broadband services and the Wi-Fi router along with its cords, is working properly so that you never face a network glitch during vacation

Check the Internal and Cloud Storage of Camera and Doorbell

The video doorbells and outdoor security cameras are equipped with external SD cards with up to 64 GB storage capacity, and you also get free cloud storage with the mobile app. If your security devices are working for quite some time, you should make sure that there is enough space available to record all the footages until you return from vacation. If needed, delete the older unnecessary footages or let the camera take footages in a loop.

Put Luminous Decals for Nighttime Safety

Your security camera or video doorbell might not look obvious to the burglars at night, and hence, they might attempt to break in any way. Soliom offers luminous security decals to stick on walls or doors so that they glow when it is dark, and anyone trying to break in is immediately informed about the security system set up to monitor your property.  

Keep Windows Closed and Keep Security Camera for Coverage

A surveillance camera is of no use if you leave the back door ajar or windows open carelessly during your vacation. While it is mandatory to keep all the doors and windows closed, you can set up an indoor security camera to cover the rooms and entering through other doors and windows is possible. In this way, even if you have mistakenly left any door or window open, you will still be able to monitor your property.  

Do Not Leave Any Part Unmonitored

 It is always recommended to keep every corner of your property monitored with an indoor or outdoor security camera. While the front door can be covered with a video doorbell, the backyard, garage, or basement can use a security camera. Also adding an indoor camera in the room where entering from outside without being monitored is possible, will be thoroughly helpful.

Quite obviously, you hardly leave your mobile devices away even while enjoying a vacation, and that is why the Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and video doorbells will keep you updated about what is going on in your compound.