5 Smart Ways to Improve your Home Security

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Home security is one of those things that many of us don’t think until we need to. There are a few simple tricks and methods you can take to boost and advance your home security.

Many people don’t even know where to start from but don’t worry we are here to guide you some few measures which will help to improve your home security system. These measures will not only secure your home, but it also enhances the great foundation for home security.

Tips to improve your home security, and your overall peace of mind:

  • Keep valuables hidden- This is the primary step to start with; if a passerby can see inside your home, then burglary can also see it. The organization says that hide all your valuables which can easily be viewed from door or windows because criminals decide to rob where they can see valuables from outside.  Consumer Reports recommends, store these valuables inside a cabinet or a drawer to keep them hidden from view. Try to hide valuables in unexpected places like jewelry in a storeroom.
  • Don’t let them know you’re on vacation- If you’re planning to go out on holiday or you’re planning to go out (long distance) for some work then don’t leave home like no one is there this raises the chances for burglars to rob home.


Then what should we do? Let's find out:

# Turn the lights on for 24/7 (windows light)  

# Keep an eye with Soliom smart security camera from your devices

# Tell your neighbor to go and spend a few minutes near your home

Park your car in the garage, leaving your vehicle in the same point can be a tip-off to burglars that your home is empty

Record live videos


  • Invest in motion sensor lights- Soliom offers a wide range of motion sensor lights that detect unusual activities. The motion sensor sounds an alarm if it senses any unusual movement from intruder; it automatically sends an alert to the security company. Motion sensor cameras come up with latest features and specifications, therefore, choose as per your needs.


  • Window lock- Nobody needs to nail their windows shut because we all love the dose of fresh air. Windows are known to be the weakest point of entry, and while most home security systems offer window sensors that sound an alarm. There are other measures you can consider; modern locks are perfect to use on basement windows and first-floor windows.


  • Use your common sense- Don’t rely on anyone, always use your common sense. Be aware of your home surroundings, if you find something unusual from past many days then contact police, i.e., if you see a person, who is watching you near your window every day, then be aware he might be an intruder or criminal who might plan to rob your house by noting down your steps.


Plan these useful tips accordingly, and you’ll benefit from improved peace of mind for years to come.