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Here are the features to look for before choosing your video doorbell

Here are the features to look for before choosing your video doorbell

While surveillance cameras for home and workplace safety is very common these days due to the increase of theft, robbery, burglary and other illegal activities, the video doorbells are quite a futuristic solution. Your security camera might not let you zoom into the face of the person approaching the door as the outdoor cameras are installed at an elevated surface.


The wireless video doorbell, on the other hand, can let you take a close look at the person(s) because the doorbells are usually set up within head level or at close reach of the hands.

Even with the security cameras placed at your room or doorstep, you might not be able to track the visitor or monitor his/her close activities if the visitor’s face is not facing the camera or is covered. Here lies the advantage of solar doorbells which requires the visitor to face it and press the chime button.

What To Look For While Choosing Video Doorbell

So, now as you have decided to enhance the security of your property by installing a wireless video doorbell from Soliom, it is time to consider checking a few vital features so that you can enjoy safety and convenience at the same time –

1. Ease Of Installation And Mobile App Support

While the conventional doorbells need to be connected with the main electrical wiring system and requires drilling of holes, mounting screws on backboard etc with the help of an electrician or professional, the new-age video doorbells are wireless and come with installation kit and backboard with adhesive sticker to stick it on wall or door easily by yourself. The installation is a one-step process.

Here are the features to look for before choosing your video doorbell

Soliom X80, as the pioneer of wireless solar video doorbell, also acts like a door camera, the footages of which can be checked through Soliom’s phone app.

Here are the features to look for before choosing your video doorbell

2. No Need To Charge Regularly

With the idea of installing a camera doorbell, the thought might strike you a number of times as to whether such a smart doorbell needs regular charging or has sufficient battery backup or not.

Lithium battery of 5000 mAh capacity is not subject to be exhausted soon and even if it does, the solar powered doorbell can get recharged regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy day, thanks to the in-built solar panels.  

3. Video Resolution And Performance In Night Mode

Any camera footage with less than 1080P resolution is not recommended as a home security device. Although the primary function of the product both during daytime and night is notifying the person inside, being properly sure about the visitor by looking at the real-time footage can assure you about your safety.

Here are the features to look for before choosing your video doorbell

The wide 1650 lens works excellently for night vision as the Infrared LEDs at 1100 angle covers around 15 feet distance for any movement and if there is any, it immediately notifies on your mobile app.

With all these primary features, you should also check out for the 2-way communication feature with the help of microphone and speaker built within. Apart from anti-abrasion property, the doorbell should also be resistant of rain, heat, humidity and other weather adversities –Soliom’s camera can be your best choice with seamless application.  

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