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Students feel Safe in Schools with Outdoor Security Camera

Students feel Safe in Schools with Outdoor Security Camera

Educational institutions share equal concerns with parents when it comes to the security of students. There has been an increase in cases of violence against individuals and students inside the school premises. This could have been averted in time with the help of video surveillance.

Hence it has become compulsory to install security camera’s within the periphery of the school property. Students and their wards feel that this initiative will bring guided supervision and a sense of controlled environment within the buildings.

Why is there a necessity of surveillance security in schools?

1. Break-in and Vandalism

More often school properties are targeted by irked crowd due to unforeseen events. Outdoor security camera’s will keep a note of all the movement within the parking lots and also the entry and exit points. Strategically placed video camera’s ensure that school office and classrooms remain safe even after closing hours. Theft from the property can easily be detected with these cams.

2. Discipline

When it comes to matters of discipline and monitoring students outnumber the staff. Keeping an eye on every student and inch of the school building is humanly impossible. This issue can be tackled by installing security camera’s within the corridors and entry points of washrooms. By this students will know that they are being watched and hence prove their best behaviour. There will be lower cases of fights and bullying within the vicity of the school and also a track of of their movements while on the playground.

3. Miscreants

Tracking sex offenders, unusual visitors, fake intruders and criminals is easy with 24x7 video recording. Pupils are natural soft targets for evil minded individuals who carry out atrocious activities with kids. This can be prevented successfully with continuous monitoring by school authorities via installed apps, laptops, mobile phones and even personal desktops.

4. Emergency evacuation

While natural disasters are rare there is an increased threat of attacks and anti-social behavior towards children. In due of such situation school management can successfully evacuate students to safety with the help of surveillance cams. Staff and authorities can gauge the situation while being alerted by the security system and also provide healthy inputs to the local police about imminent danger.

A guided supervision system gives peace of mind not only to parents but also students. The sense of safety provided by outdoor security cams helps children to concentrate on their curricular activities without external and internal threat.

Soliom security camera’s are solar powered eagle eye protection for educational institutions. They are equipped to be on guard 24x7 without exhaustion of batteries. They boost of clear HD vision during day and night time. You can track live movements as well the playback function allows you a thorough scrutiny of the premises in cases of emergency. With real time alerts over phone and other electronic devices you can stay in touch of constant regulation.

Now kids will happily attend school without being stressed of harmful elements eager to destroy peace and harmony. Soliom is the new generation high-tech, reliable supervision that ensures a safe environment every day.

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