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How Soliom's Home Security System Helps Keep Your House Safe

How Soliom's Home Security System Helps Keep Your House Safe

House safety is one of the most important factors to keep in mind however many out there tend to ignore this eliminating the chance of burglary or unwanted people at doorstep. With the Soliom wireless video doorbell, you can remain inside your house and go out without any worry of being stalked by unwanted people and missing out any guest who approached in your absence. You never know if someone has been keeping a close eye on your property, looking for the perfect chance to break in.

Besides, in your absence, this video doorbell acts as a surveillance camera, giving you detailed footage of the person who’s there. You can take proper measures to get rid of unwanted people and get in touch with people who were important.

Soliom has introduced the wireless solar smart doorbell with camera support that acts not only as general doorbell but also surveillance support. Here is how the doorbell ensures your home security –

  • Efficient Battery Backup

With sustainable solar power to recharge the Lithium batteries of 5000 mAh capacity, the solar panel attached with the doorbell makes sure that it works in natural energy 24x7 regardless of how the weather is. If you are worried about how it will perform in cloudy weather condition, be relieved as the panels are efficient in capturing videos without consuming much power and can work in standby time for around a year.

  • Security In Every Weather

The solar powered doorbell works efficiently a temperature ranging from -200 C to 800 C and humidity ranging in between 20% and 80% under non-condensing state. Your house will be under security in heavy rain and snow too as the waterproofing IP65 material keeps water from entering the main circuit.    

  • Wide Area Coverage At High Quality Video

With six glass layers arranged at wide angle of 1650, 1080p video in 15 fps shutter speed will be quite advantageous for you to get full details of the person at your doorstep. For night vision, the Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) captures any motion 12 feet away, covering a wide field of view at 1100 angle. This is also useful in detecting the height of the approaching person as the range is limited up to 15 feet.  

  • Motion Detector And Anti-Smash Factor

As long as your house has WiFi connection, the doorbell camera will continue to be integrated with your Smartphone app and no matter where you are, once the camera detects any motion, you will be notified on your phone. The live recording will never stop even if someone tries to rip off the wireless video doorbell from the mounting, rather it will send real-time alert on your phone about the unwanted incident so that you can take proper steps. You can also take snapshot of the person from your mobile. The in-built microphone and speaker will even let you and the person outside talk to each other so that you can understand whether it is of any importance.

The doorbell comes with a backboard with attached adhesive sticker where you can install screws and keep the doorbell intact on the wall. Once you set up, your home security is at your hand and you can save up to twenty videos on cloud storage apart from the micro SD Card.   

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