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The history of door chimes

The history of door chimes

Doorbells or door chimes are one of the main components of your house. It is one of the most intriguing discoveries of the Victorian Era. The main work of the door chimes back then was to alert the dweller about a visitor who is waiting at the door. The discovery of the doorbells dates back to the period of the Industrial Revolution and definitely indicated novelty and class!

The main components of Ancient door chimes

The components of the initial doorbells were simple. It was either a key design or a rope design doorbell. The key design doorbell had a windpipe toy which actually worked to provide the sound. The key-type doorbells carry the name ‘Twisted Doorbells', as the keys needed to be twisted, and then the wind-pipe extracted the sound.

Another type of the door chime was ‘Pulled Doorbells’. These had a rope which was to be pulled. It resulted in ringing the bell which was installed in the house.

Mechanical Doorbells

Mechanical Doorbell is a result of the Industrial Revolution. William Murdoch was the inventor of a mechanized doorbell which operated with compressed air and pipe. He belonged to Scotland and was a steam engineer.  The pipe acted as the medium from which the compressed air passed through creating a whistle like sound. This technology was also used in the steam engines.

Electric Doorbells

The year 1831 marked the time when the first electric doorbell was invented by Joseph Henry an American scientist. After the period of 1913, the electric doorbells became widely acceptable everywhere. By that time, electric transformers were already introduced which reduced the need to use the expensive batteries to run the device. The electric doorbells could be easily attached to the current which was used for the regular household needs.

As days passed on, the buzzer type doorbells were replaced by the variants which could extract multiple notes. New chimes were introduced in the market which could extract music. The Westminster Quarters is one of the leading door chimes. It is the tune which was incorporated in the bell-tower of the churches.

The initial musical door chimes came in the 1930s and rapidly gained immense credibility. Even today the musical doorbells are majorly used all over the country. Nowadays, quality speakers are attached to the bell devices.

The Modern Age of the Door Chimes

The present era of the door chime is well enriched. Technological boom has helped the doorbell to take a shape of a home security device rather than being just an alerting device.

Nowadays, the video doorbells are gaining credibility as it can provide the common people with LIVE HD online feed. The doorbell devices can be easily installed at the front door. Most of the devices work upon smart apps these days thus well compatible with the Smartphone. You can always access the video feed and check for the complete security of the frontal part the house.

Isn’t it interesting? The transition of door chimes from being a luxury to becoming a basic need is indeed remarkable. When you look at the door chime this time, make sure to reflect on its history too!

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