How to Choose the Right security Camera for your Home?

How to Choose the Right security Camera for your Home?

Before you choose the right security cam for your home always think where you will install and what is the basic purpose of fixing your home security camera?

Security cameras provide 24/7 home monitoring and detect the unusual activities and notify via an app; there are many different types of cameras available in the market. But you should always choose from the reputed brand liked Soliom offers high definition high-quality cameras, which is the perfect example of a true masterpiece with purely crafted design.

Here in this article, we will focus on the basic necessary steps on how to choose the perfect security cameras for your home; it will give appropriate ideas, especially for the first time buyer.

Let's find out:

  • Choosing the right camera as per location

There are a few important things to consider while selecting the ideal camera for your home. Here are the four essential things are as follows.

  • Which lens should you use?
  • What resolution do you need?
  • Where will you install the security cameras?
  • How much night vision distance you required?

While an eave of your house can be a good option, you may have trouble with spiders building webs in front of the infrared LEDs on the camera since they attract insects.  So, you may need to learn how to keep spiders away from security cameras to avoid false alarms from a camera with motion sensing. After clearing these factors, you should able to buy security cameras for your homes.

  • Types of Security Cameras

These cameras are categorized into two:

  • Indoor security cameras
  • Outdoor security cameras


  • Hi-quality resolution cameras

If you are installing a security camera, especially for the outdoor location, then the Full HD camera or 4K camera can be the ideal choice. For interior home security, you may opt for 720p resolution camera but don’t choose beyond that resolution. 4K clarity resolution is four times clearer than full HD camera resolution.

  • Choose Wireless or Wired camera

Wired cameras are considered as the old fashion of technology, whereas; wireless cameras are in the current trend. Wireless camera functions are more functional, easy to install, easy to monitor, and easy to operate from anywhere with an app. Wireless cameras can be installed any crucial corners whereas, and wired cameras are not easy to fix, especially in the corners.

  • More depth focal length

Always consider choosing the more depth focal length camera, it maximizes the distance, and it can record or capture any object or burglars from a distance. These cameras lens produces more zoom and is equipped with higher resolution cameras.

  • Waterproof/Water resistance

If you are opting for the outdoor security cameras, you should opt for the water resistance or waterproof cameras. These cameras are IP certified 67 or 68 ratings, which are certified cameras. Whenever you buy a camera, check the label if your camera is IP accredited rating. Soliom security cameras come with IP67 and 68 ratings, which confirms the protection against splashes or water.

IP certified cameras are splash or spill proof cameras whereas, IP68 cameras are waterproof; it means it can survive in water for up to half hours.

Note- All brands have a difference in waterproof capability, kindly check the owner’s manual before use.


We listed the few essential tips you should consider when you buy the home security camera. Home security is something which is for the long term, and it gives the total protection against theft or burglars. Home security has become one of the important steps to secure your home.

Never compromise families with home security install the home security camera now!

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