Arlo Pro 2 VS Soliom Solar camera

Arlo Pro 2 VS Soliom Solar camera

Performance, Specs, and Price

For any house owner, home security would be the top priority for his or concerns. In the market, you would find several kinds of home camera security system that would consist of an integrated CCTV camera system. But in the recent few years, solar cameras are becoming the new favorite of the general masses. Just like the name suggests, these cameras use solar energy to remain operational during the day time. And at night, it uses the power from its highly efficient rechargeable batteries.

Some features are common in every solar camera. It would have a weatherproof casing, night vision, Micro SD storage card, Wi-Fi compatibility, and continuous video surveillance recording capability. Arlo Pro 2 and Soliom solar camera are the two best cameras that would have all these features. Here are some of the differences based on performance, specs, and prices.


Both the camera pretty much similar performance capabilities. In the case of Arlo Pro 2, it has 25 ft night vision capabilities that would turn on automatically turn on during night time. This camera could be operated with the help of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For better performance, this camera comes with Arlo Smart service that is unique to Arlo CCTV cameras. This camera also comes with a Look Back Feature.

Another best security camera you would find in the market would be Soliom S60 solar camera. The body of the Soliom camera has IP66 certified rating, which means the camera would operate under extremely harsh weather conditions.  For the night vision, this camera uses starlight infrared night vision technology. It would take continuous shots with an interval of 0.7 seconds between each shot. The vision range of this camera is about 15 meter.  


Under specifications, Arlo Pro 2 has one of the best motion sensor systems. At the day time, visual video surveillance range would reach up to the distance of 300 feet. Either power this camera by using rechargeable batteries, direct AC link, or solar power. The user would need to install a separate solar panel for charging its battery during the daytime.

For Soliom S60, the video format would be H.264, and it has a triggering speed of 15 FPS. During the day time, this camera has 140-degree field vision. Soliom camera has 6 layer lenses that make the quality of footage recorded very high. This camera has PIR technology and Integrated Rader technology for the motion sensor. This camera has the solar panel attached to its body, which gives it a unique shape.

Price difference

There are major differences between the Arlo Pro 2 and Soliom S60 camera when it comes to the cost of each unit. The general cost of Soliom S60 would be around $140, and the cost for Arlo Pro 2 kit would be around $411. This price range makes, Soliom camera the best buy as features of both cameras is pretty much similar.

These are the basic differences between the Arlo Pro 2 and Soliom Solar Camera. Both cameras have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the buyer would have to buy a camera that would meet his or her requirements.  




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