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Simple Hacks on how to Hide Security Cameras to make Burglars Unaware

Simple Hacks on how to Hide Security Cameras to make Burglars Unaware

With the advent of technology, wireless security cameras are gaining popularity. People often opt for smart homes where these are also considered as an item for a smart home. The concept of smart homes is becoming popular among people as it provides all types of luxuries and safeties. This Wi-Fi camera helps people to keep their homes safe. People indulge in installing such a type of camera in their homes because they offer many facilities to them without burning a hole in their pocket. The Soliom Camera has special features like that they function with the help of solar power and does not consume electricity.

However, today's burglars are smart enough to hack such types of cameras that are installed in almost every house.

Here are some simple tips that will help you in hiding a security camera from the burglars. Let’s find out those:

  • Decorate your camera but not the lens

The best way to make the burglars unaware of it is by putting decorative case cover on the camera. When these cameras are exposed outside it becomes easy to put a decorative case over it. These people will be able to create an illusion by making it just a piece of an ornament, but the real fact is that it is tracking the motion of the suspected ones. This hack has the potential to divert the attention of any potential intruders and also record their movements and actions. The best feature of this camera is that it is motion tracking when the motion sensor activates video doorbell to take the snapshot and intrigue instant alerts on mobile phones when the movement of the potential intruder is detected.  

  • Mount Outdoor Security Camera on nearby Trees

The next hack is by mounting it on some tree or small plant that is placed right outside your house. Placing it on some tree or plant males it goes unnoticed by the intruders as they are remained focused in breaking into your house through the window so they look for cameras above the pane. If such alternatives are not available in your house then you can follow the traditional method by placing it in a higher place. This will make it unreachable for anybody and will be still able to record things. This manner you can keep your house safe and secure.

  • Place camera from another angle

This may sound unusual but this may also be the ideal option for you. Don’t just install the Surveillance system near your door. You can install near the main entry gate by facing towards the door gate or you can fix it near the garage but the position of the lens will be towards the main entry door. Intruders mainly focus on the cameras that are closer or nearby they don’t focus on the cameras that are bit far from them.

All these above-mentioned hacks will serve the purpose of making burglars unaware of these hidden cameras. When are you using these tricks?

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