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4 Crimes were Solved, Thanks to Surveillance Cameras

4 Crimes were Solved, Thanks to Surveillance Cameras

Cameras are one of the of modern technology with innovations and upgrading, the most important benefit. Whether you are looking to secure your home or catch somebody who might be stealing, hidden cameras is a fresh way to enhance your home safety.

A wireless security camera is becoming more and more important due to increasing crime and theft. They are able to provide with video footage, be it live or recorded, within your property. Their popularity has increased in the last decade coming in various shapes and sizes. This has been made sure by which is one of the leading security brands consisting of a wireless camera with night vision that helps you gain a secure sleep. They are also equipped with standing watch 24/7 in all weather with easy installation and motion detector.

A surveillance camera has become a fundamental part to fight against crime. Thanks to the falling cost of security cameras that the world is becoming more and more protected. The number of crimes caught on these cameras is increasing, leaving criminals everywhere scrambling.

In this article, we will point for you, crimes that were solved after putting up the surveillance camera.

  • The Boston Bomber Story- This story captivated the whole nation in April 2013. The terrorist attack was followed by a investigation.  Surveillance videos were a crucial part in identifying the suspects. The video revealed Tsarnaev brothers and their movements during the Boston Marathon and subsequent bombing.

  • The Murder Solved by Security Footage– Police suspected George Tiaffay of murdering his wife when no real evidence was present, they checked the footage in the security camera which recorded that Tiaffay and an unknown man going to Lowe’s and purchasing the hammer to kill his wife.
  • The Murder of Leigh Kletzky – An eight-year-old boy, Leigh Kletzky disappeared after the school in 2011. Footage from several different cameras, when put together, helped track down the boy who was shown to have disappeared with an unknown man. The identity of the man was shortly discovered and he admitted to having murdered the child.


  • The London Nail Bomber – The London Nail Bomber terrorized London in 1999. It took three bombings and 13 days in order to identify from the footage. The terrorist was captured and is now serving six life sentences for his crime.
  • The Woman who Caught the Thieves – A woman, having her home burglarized, equipped her home with surveillance cameras so that she could view from work. Lo and Behold, one day while she was at work, she checked on her camera and saw that her house was being robbed. She immediately called the authorities who rushed over to her house and caught the thief.

Thanks to the surveillance system, its undeniable video shreds of evidence of criminals made security possible in every way.

This is the reason that a lot their homes and workplace to track down the intruders. With the information provided, you now have a clear vision of their working in order to make the best purchase of a security camera.

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