No matter whether you are planning to shop for your family or your relatives, friends or colleagues, the holiday season brings out the best shopper in every person. You can be a shopaholic or just a casual shopper, but holiday special discounts will never go unnoticed by you. Cards, blankets, clothing, accessories, books or food items are common gifts that you love to grab during Christmas sale, but a security camera? Sounds odd and awkward, right? Actually no, such thoughtful gift to yourself or your near ones will be the most useful gift among all.

So, the holiday season sale is here and apart from binge shopping the regular items, let’s try something new and useful. No matter whether you have been living in your house for long years or have just got a new home, Soliom has you covered for home security with its unique doorbell and security cam. Before, you check in to the website, here are some of the awesome features of these two products to get you started.

Renewable Energy Based Gadget

The camera and doorbell both use solar power to recharge their batteries. While the doorbell has 5000 mAh battery, the camera has 4000 mAh which basically would not need too much time to be recharged. What will surprise you that the batteries do not need direct solar exposure to get charge, that is, they work under cloudy weather too.

No Hassle With Wires

Soliom S60 camera and video doorbell are both wireless and comes with brackets, solar panel, screws and mounting board to help you install them wherever you want, easily without the help of electrician. While the doorbell gets secured with adhesive sticker, the camera can be attached with screws.

Track Motions At Wide Field Of View

When you install a surveillance camera or a video doorbell, you would want the whole yard monitored. The outdoor camera has up to 20 meters of field of view even during night and 12-13 feet PIR range with 110 degree angle, thereby covering any motion within the range.

Superior Night Mode Support

Night vision feature is perhaps one of the best deals you will get in the holiday season sale as the doorbell covers maximum 15 feet distance and surveillance camera covers maximum 32 feet distance while capturing 1080p video with 165 degree lens at 15 fps trigger speed.

Real Time Monitoring With App Support

You don’t need to wait till you get home to check out the footage of the video captured by the doorbell and the camera as the app will give you real time details about your front door. You can see who had visited during your absence and get in touch with them accordingly. The app also informs you whenever someone tries to break in or try to tamper the wireless video doorbell.  Its two-way audio feature is supported by speaker and microphone, both of which are built-in.

As a matter of fact, with so many features offered by the two products, you might feel confused as to how much you have to spend for getting them installed in your front door. Worry no more as the holiday season comes with exciting discounts so that you can enhance your security without burning your pocket.

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