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Advantages Of Installing Soliom S60!

Advantages Of Installing Soliom S60!
No matter how decent your neighborhood is, your home security is always a great concern especially when you are going out. To keep a track of any incidents and make sure that it does not happen again, a security camera is really important. These security cameras are really beneficial as it’s a video evidence of anyone who has approached your front door. It could be a guest, courier executive or any other person whom you could not attend while being away! Sometimes, you might have obnoxious people like burglars and thieves or kids who might play some pranks in front of your house. So, to put it simple, the wireless cameras act as surveillance cameras to keep tabs on whatever is happening outside your home.  

So, how will this surveillance cam add to your home security? Have a look and the advantages will be very clear:

Efficient Motion Detection Feature To Capture Every Moment

The Soliom S60 is equipped with PIR sensor and RADAR detection feature integrated in a way that no motion gets unnoticed on the camera. While PIR or electronic Passive Infrared Sensor helps in measuring the infrared or IR light rays radiating from any object within the field of view, RADAR system is integrated with radio waves for determining the angle, range and velocity of approaching objects such as human body, animals, insects etc.

This integrated technology comes with 0.7 second shutter speed which is efficient like any action camera to capture the real motion while alleviating the chance of notifying for false alarm.  

Security Surveillance In All Seasons

Being the first of its kind, this solar powered wireless camera has IP 66 waterproofing feature for the sturdy plastic exterior cover. It can withstand even the extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and storm.

As for the high powered 4000 mAh battery, you do not need to charge it as it automatically gets recharged under sunlight and can work even in dull overcast weather. The battery is reliable to work in temperature ranging in between -200 C and 600 C.

Enhanced Night Vision And Superior Daytime Video

You can be assured of high definition, clarified and detailed 1080p video captured by refined five glass layers of this camera. With maximum 65 feet of distance coverage during night, the night vision of the outdoor wireless security camera is automatically switched from day mode according to the light conditions outside.

Wireless Camera With Audio System

The best part of this outdoor surveillance camera is its wireless feature that does not require any tough installation. The package comes with mounting bracket, expansion screws, machine screws, screwdriver, USB cable and reset pin so that you can add the camera with solar panel and mount it on the wall or frame effortlessly.

The wireless security camera can be integrated with your mobile and computer with the app that will let you check the live video of your yard. With its 2-way audio feature, the guest and you can communicate through the camera’s in-built speaker and microphone.  

A wide 160-degree field of view coupled with 15 fps high definition video capturing feature will be advantageous for you to monitor your house and also it saves the footages on the memory card. With both day and nighttime security, you can have a worry-free outdoor venture as well as a good night’s sleep inside your abode!

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