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The future of Sensor Technology in Global Market: G-Sensor Features Explained in Details

A number of features have been incorporated into vehicles globally over the years to boost security features. But none of them have been as impactful as the G-Sensor. It is a revolutionary feature that allows cards to register the amount of force applied during impact. There are pre-set values in the sensor that enable it to move all recorded in dual dash cam footage into a separate folder and the data cannot be overwritten.

Why is the G-Sensor Important?

We all know how important a dual dash cam is when it comes to vehicle security. But one of the things we often forget is that these cameras are not foolproof. In case of accidents, offenders might try to mess around with the recording footage and try to delete it if they get access to any vehicle involved in an accident.

Modern cars can install dual dash cam with night vision equipped with a G-sensor. The most important benefit of having a G-Sensor installed on a vehicle is that if you are involved in an accident; your dashcam recording would be protected automatically. One of the biggest issues with the dash cam is that the file data is often overwritten by auto-delete features included with the firmware.

Unlike other generic dash cams, a G Sensor dash camera is much more secure. Whenever a G-sensor is triggered, a padlock icon appears at the center of the dashboard to indicate that a file is being locked. It gives car owners and drivers peace of mind that important footage is locked out and cannot be accessed. The footage can be presented safely to concerned authorities without any risk of damage.

Can G-Sensor Footage Be Retrieved

Needless to say, G-sensor footage can indeed be retrieved onto a PC, Mac or directly on the dashcam itself. Modern dash cams also allow you to load your footage onto phones and tablets provided you have Wi-Fi compatibility that allows you to access G-sensor data.

Additional safety measures are also present to ensure not just everyone can access the secured files if they want to. Password protection is mandatory if you are a car owner who wants to buy a dash cam. Make sure you have all the security features enabled on your dashcam for maximum security.

It is not just accidents that dashcams can be used for but also cash scams or other legally addressable issues you may face. It is very important to record everything in your driving environment for maximum security and protection. If you own a car rental business, customers are more likely to use your services if you have these security features in place.

If you are looking for a high quality dash cam solutions, check out Soliom’s security solutions for cars. You get access to reliable security features for your car. The brand has been implementing G-sensor dash camera for quite some time and all of their products are designed to be user-friendly with no compromises on security.

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