Outfit Your Car with Soliom G1 Car Dash Cam

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Car cameras are a good pick these days if you like to drive with a trouble-free experience. We all tend to adorn our cars with the best of accessories, services, insurance, somehow tend to forget about the safe and secure travels. Installing a car camera is the least you could do to keep your four-wheels upgraded.  is precious stuff to count upon when you are traveling. This has such striking features which maintain a high-quality set-up and extraordinary performance.

There are some highlights of this product which surely make this one your next purchase. Let’s throw some light on it:

Large View of the front

The front and the cabin camera with the advanced technology of seamless joint that helps to cover the view without any blind coverage that has dual 190° extra wide lens. This size enables to draw a 380° horizontal view. This angle of the lens cuts on any perturbation that you could face while driving fast on highways or expressways. You have a wider view of the place right in your car, making it a serene and exciting drive too.

Meant for universal cars

This could be the best dash cam for car be it a taxi, a van, a sedan or SUV. It is like one size fits all. For taxi drivers who have to travel to remote or new places, this is an ideal accessory as it adds to a greater sense of security and judgment of traffic. Even for family cars, it is bang-up because if you have tucked your babies or pets on the back you can give a glance in the camera to keep a check on them. No need to halt every half an hour to check what’s up with them in the back.

Extraordinary specifications with Sony Sensors

It has powerful dual Sunplus 6350 A processors and is also backed up by Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors with L lens fixed apertures that simultaneously seizures the 190° view of the front and inside the cabin, with a picture quality of 1920x1080p resolution. It is suggested to use 128 GB micro SD card as the package doesn’t come with one.

Enables swift  

G1 380° parking mode can proctor your car’s milieu while your car is parked, this feature works even when the engine is stopped. This is a striking and useful dimension because it will take care of the sides and back of your car too which most common cameras fail to capture. With you are sorted because it helps you find out how your car had a dent or tampered with when it was parked.

So it can be said that this product by Soliom could be best dash cam 2019 as it has many unique and novel attributes which are mostly hard to find.

Weather Friendly Cam 

The cameras are designed with advanced quality material and come upgraded with larger and efficient cooling fans to enable instantaneous down at a much quicker rate than that in other cameras. It can easily withstand high temperatures varying between -20°C to 70°C, while not compromising on the resulting graphics.

Why not haste and afford the best outfit your car can have with Soliom G1 car dash camera guaranteeing a big respite for prospective drives.