Tips To Prevent Door Package Theft

Tips To Prevent Door Package Theft

With the rise of e-commerce sites, getting your desired items delivered at your doorstep is one the best things you can ask for. The delivery is almost always on time; even arrive before time and well, often when you are away. If the delivery executive leaves your package at the doorstep during your absence, there is no surety that you will be able to retrieve that item without proper surveillance camera monitoring until you are successfully able to pick up the package. Rescheduling delivery or changing address is not always possible, but keeping a digital eye on the package is possible. Here are the most useful tips to prevent package theft from the doorstep of your office, shop or home –  

Reschedule the Delivery or Change Your Address

The most effective way to keep your package safe is to have tracking details of the shipment and contact the delivery service provider to reschedule the delivery on another day when you would be present. If the package is really important, you can change the address to somewhere you or a reliable person is available. Keep in touch with the executive and record the conversation for safety.  

Verify the Delivery Executive through Video Doorbell

The video doorbell is undoubtedly way more effective than a conventional chime as these come with mobile app support so that whenever motion is detected within the field of view, it sends a video notification to the owner. Soliom has built-in speaker and microphone for its video doorbell, and it will let you interact with the delivery executive when you are away. Ask the executive to leave the package at some other address or come back later –you are safe from package theft.  

Set Up a Storage Container with Padlock

Front door or back door, your package is never entirely secure even when it is under surveillance with a camera. It is better to keep the storage container at the front door and whenever you are notified about the approaching delivery person, ask him/her to open the container, keep the package and lock it with the padlock before keeping the key at some safe place directed by you –all these being recorded on your security camera.  

Ask a Reliable Acquaintance or Neighbor to Get the Package for You

There is nothing more relieving than having a close acquaintance (a friend or relative) who can come down to your place and take the package in person from the delivery executive or pick it up after the delivery executive left it at the door. You can also inform the neighbor about the delivery and ask the executive to leave it at their place. The outdoor security cameras should be placed in a way that they cover the whole area from the entrance to the door so that you can be assured that the package is in right hands.

Threaten the Thief through Speakers of Security Camera or Doorbell

Even with all these, if you find the video notification from your outdoor camera or video doorbell that a thief is about to steal the package, you can verbally threaten him/her through the in-built speaker while calling a neighbor or police for assistance, if necessary.

It might not be possible to leave the package at some other address or reschedule soon especially if you are on vacation. As most thefts occur from the front door, with the speaker of camera or doorbell, you can also ask the executive to leave the package at the back door for safety.  


Your valuables are important, keep it safe!



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