Ways to upgrade your Workplace in the 21st century

Ways to upgrade your Workplace in the 21st century

Sabotaging, burglary or electrical hazards inside the office during off hours are some of the many issues that you might face as an office worker. Besides, you can never be sure that there is no malicious office politics doing rounds in harming the overall office atmosphere. While keeping your eyes and ears open is the easiest way to avoid any bad experiences caused accidentally or deliberately, a proper office security system like an HD Camera can solve the issue efficiently.

Indoor Security Cameras on Different Angles of Each Working Section

No matter how many floors your workplace has or how many personal chambers are there for higher authorities, each room should be covered under indoor security cameras placed on different angles so that the entire room is covered. With 4k video quality, it will be easier to zoom in to any footage in particular and learn about anything unusual inside the office, for example, quarrels, malpractice, etc. Even the waiting area, conference room, and canteen too should be covered under indoor cameras.  

Outdoor Camera at Different Angles of the Main Entrance and Surrounding Area

The main entrance of the office should always be monitored with one or two outdoor cameras so that whoever enters or goes out of the office throughout the day is captured on footages. As much as the main entrance footage is important, outdoor HD camera should also be installed on the rooftop, on the exterior wall a few floors above and on any higher area from where the surrounding area outside the office is monitored.  

Surveillance Cameras at Garage, Basement, Staircase and Back Door

It is the 21st century, and miscreants are advanced enough to sneak inside the office from the back door, basement or garage and climb the staircases to reach a particular floor. If you have covered these areas with a wireless camera, you can be assured about the upgraded safety of your workplace. Also, the electrical station and cisterns for water supply throughout the building are generally located on the ground floor or basement. In case, there is an accident or malfunctioning; the security footage can help to track and locate.   

Luminous Decals Stuck Outside the Archive Room

If you store relevant documents and soft copies inside the archive section, the chances are that unwanted guests might try to break in to get hold of office secrets. The luminous decals from Soliom make sure that they glow at night and make anyone up to no good, aware that the office is under surveillance. These stickers can be stuck on the door or the wall while the archive room should be secured with an indoor camera.  

Keeping Wi-Fi Running 24x7 for In-Office and Mobile Monitoring

Finally, it is mandatory to keep the office server in functional state 24x7 so that the surveillance room computers, as well as those with connected mobile devices, get real-time footages of the workplace through the app. It might not be possible to appoint staff for the surveillance room for the entire day, and that is where the security camera compatible mobile apps come in handy.    

Both indoor and outdoor security cameras are important in keeping the workplace safe as well as monitoring the activities. Besides, video doorbells and luminous decals too can be quite useful upgrades for your workplace.




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