Wireless Home Security Systems: How Long Should You Keep Your Footage For?

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homes are becoming popular with time. However, protecting your smart home is also essential. It is not always possible for us to monitor our properties inside and outside the house. It becomes extremely difficult when you reside in a huge house and you want to remain informed about every corner of your house mainly kid room. Security cameras are the best option to keep a monitor on your house. It is really very important to monitor your house and property. Wireless security cameras not only allow you to monitor your house but also keep you aware of any suspicious movements outside your house. Home security is very essential mainly in those areas where burglary is very common. This helps in keeping your house safe from any unnatural movement around your house. On average, the footage can be kept on the camera for 30-90 days. But you have an option of keeping the footage for near about 6 months.

People are of the opinion that most wired security compatible with wireless components, such as motion detector, surveillance cameras, and door sensor. According to them, wired security cameras can rely upon more than the wireless one. However, the cameras that are designed by give you more reliability. Surveillance cameras have become the most important item of smart homes.

There are some amazing features of these cameras on which you can rely blindly


  • Storage capacity: It has a good storage capacity other than any other wireless security cameras available in the market. They give you good quality image even during the night gives you another reason for purchasing these solar-powered cameras. The cameras are on the services that are offered by it is extraordinary.
  • Solar powered: Like other cameras, Soliom cameras do not work on . Being powered by solar energy, the battery of these outdoor video cameras remains charged throughout and night. This is the best feature of these cameras.
  • Footage quality: Soliom cameras provide you the best quality after powered by solar energy. People are of the idea that since the security cam runs on solar energy the video and image quality of it can be broken or blurred. But to their surprise, these cameras offer you the best quality picture. Apart from that the storage capacity of the camera is beyond imagination. It can store more than you can imagine. It can store the video for more than 6 I would rather suggest not to store more than 3-4 months or there are chances of the camera being getting hanged. Although this concern is not that serious as the advanced features of the camera allows it to store the footage for more than 6 months without being affected slightly.

This cameras are good to go and you can rely on the quality of pictures it delivers to you.