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8 Benefits of Having a Dash Camera for Uber Driver

8 Benefits of Having a Dash Camera for Uber Driver

A lot of Uber and Lyft drivers carry the best car chargers, phone mounts and so forth, yet they forget to carry the most important tool that could not only keep their passengers more secure, but more importantly, keep their vehicle and themselves more secure. If you're an Uber driver, a Lyft driver, or drive for another rideshare company, A car
dashcam is a must have on any and all shifts!

Do you need a dash cam for Uber?

Dash cam for Uber and Lyft drivers need extra features to meet the needs of rideshare drivers. Namely, they need the ability to record both front and back view, as well as audio.

Evidence for Accidents

This is the most obvious reason why a car dash cam is a great idea. As rideshare drivers, police and the general public will want to immediately jump to the conclusion that we were at fault.That is why you should be protecting yourself with a dash cam. Which is so you can be able to capture every moment on the road and inside your car. Which is why a dash cam makes the perfect companion to accompany you during any and all of your shifts. Keep your focus on what really matters and let your dash cam act as your second pair of eyes. Eyes that will continuously work towards keeping you safe and accountable.

With a car dash cam, you are able to capture first-hand evidence in the event you find yourself in an accident or if
you simply wish to come back to a video to relive a memorable moment. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly; be assured that with a dashcam you’ll never miss a moment again.You spend less time and stress dealing with insurance claims and more time driving and making money without your rates increasing absurdly.

Terrible Drivers/Passengers

99% of the time you’re going to have some pretty cool passengers. You’ll end up discussing the history of your hometown, why it’s so cold in May, or how wild the party was. On the rare occasion that you run into a problem
client, you’ll know how to handle them.They may even try to damage your vehicle. A dashboard cam would be able to record the entire altercation and can be given to law enforcement and ridesharing services. There have been numerous documented instances of Uber drivers being attacked by their passengers and if it wasn’t for a good dashcam that captured the interior of the vehicle well during daylight and night time, they would have gotten away with assault.

Accident Prevention

Another excellent part of having a good dash cam car DVR, though, is for handling insurance problems and crashes. If you are in an accident and find that you have been hurt or damaged, or the vehicle has, a dash cam is useful for determining who was at fault. Therefore, you should look to make the most of this camera to help prevent fraudulent details and to also ensure that any settlements are handled in a fair and honest manner: even if you are the one at fault.

Defending Harassment

If you are a female driver, having a visible dash cam can prevent men riders from being too friendly.

Fighting Fake Tickets

There are lots of great police officers out there, but then there are a few who have bad judgment and could try to
give you a ticket you don’t deserve. If you have a good dashcam that records everything from stopping at stop signs to yielding for pedestrians, etc., you can avoid those tickets that take your time out of your day to go fight in court. Instead, you could give the footage to your local law enforcement and could avoid a ticket altogether. You spend more time making money instead of trying to fight phony tickets you were never at fault for.

Oversees Vehicle While You Are Gone

Car theft and vandalism is a serious concern for many people. If you have a dashcam when your car is broken into or vandalized, you will have video footage to offer the police and the insurance company.

Can Improve Driving Skills

If you are a new driver, it is important you do not develop any bad habits or dangerous tendencies. A dashcam can give you video to play back so you can catch any mistakes and be able to improve your driving ability.

Will a dash cam reduce my insurance?

Dashcams can prove useful when it comes to making an insurance claim and some insurers offer discounts to motorists that use them. ... And now having a dashcam could mean a saving, as some insurers offer customers discounts on their car insurance premiums if they have a dashcam installed.


  • Reduce insurance claims and drive down insurance premium costs
  • Manage First Notification of Loss (FNOL)
  • Acknowledge good drivers for good road awareness
  • Exonerate drivers after an incident
  • Supplement telematics data for a safety incentive program or driver scorecard program
  • Coach drivers to mitigate risky behaviors
  • Recognize hazardous road conditions or risky routes and delivery locations
  • Spot check new drivers to ensure they meet your company’s standards
  • Enforce seatbelt and cellphone usage compliance

The Best Dash Cam For Uber And Lyft Drivers

dashcam is an excellent safety option and can help you navigate the road much more effortlessly. where to buy best dual dash cam, find Dashcams For Sale. Record your road trips, Uber rides, Lyft rides, and all adventures on the road with a dependable dash cam for your car. Remember, to always look for a reliable brand that could help with your various needs and requirements. Our car dash cams will provide you with an extra set of eyes on the road and inside your vehicle. 

Soliom G1 has two options to record front and inside cabin of 360 ° broader view around your car. Or choose to use the front camera only to record car front with single 190° view. You can better take care of the children, pets, passengers inside the car. It's ideal and suitable for families or Uber, Lyft, taxi, truck drivers. Driving with Soliom G1 dash camera realized a full angle video recording without dead angle and parking also can be monitored from all angles if you hardware it.

The reasons why all drivers should have a dashcam in their vehicle .With technology becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, getting a dash cam has become more accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s important that drivers protect themselves with a dash cam.

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