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9 Safety Tips You Should Know Before Becoming a Uber Driver

9 Safety Tips You Should Know Before Becoming a Uber Driver

Are you ready to make money by driving for Uber? Do you want to become the best Uber driver in town?

Drivers for Uber and Lyft are always looking for new ways to achieve success. Whether you’re considering becoming a rideshare driver, you’ve just started out, or you’ve been at it for quite some time, most drivers are open to tips that will enable them to become even more successful. Drivers for Uber and Lyft are always looking for new ways to achieve success. Whether you’re considering becoming a rideshare driver, you’ve just started out, or you’ve been at it for quite some time, most drivers are open to tips that will enable them to become even more successful.

We’ve compiled a list of 9 tips and tricks for Uber and Lyft drivers, Protect your safety while driving with
Passenger. To help keep you safe, Here's some Uber & Lyft driver tips and advice to get you started.

#1. Take a Class

When you start driving, it may be difficult knowing where to begin. With a course like Maximum Ridesharing Profits –
created by Harry from – you’ll spend some extra money, but get a big return on your investment
when you learn about when and where to find riders, surge pricing, strategies, record keeping, and much more.

#2 Stay in the City If You Can

You may not be driving in a bigger city, in which case this wouldn’t apply. But if you are in a bigger city, staying in the city, as opposed to driving out to the suburbs, is a smarter move for drivers. There are simply more people looking for rides in the bustle of the city, and you’ll get more riders, and thus earn more, by sticking with the more crowded areas.

#3 Communicate With Passengers

We already hinted at it in the last tip, but communicating with passengers will do wonders for your ratings and tips.
You should communicate with them if you’re going to be late to pick them up, but you should also continue that process of communication right until you’ve dropped them off safely.

#4 Have a dash cam

we recommend getting a dual dashcam. It can really protect you in case there’s an accident or the passenger does
something wrong (or accuses you of doing so). Driving with Soliom G1 dual dash camera realized a full angle video recording without dead angle and parking also can be monitored from all angles if you hardware it.

Soliom G1 full angle car security dashcam: More you see, More safer you are. See best dual dash cam for Uber and Lyft.

#5 Stay off the weekend nights for some time

One Saturday night I got fed up so I told myself that I would stick to Sundays. I just didn’t want to deal with the smell and obnoxiousness. Don’t get me wrong, I can be obnoxious myself after a few drinks, I just don’t want to be
the guy that has to deal with it.

If you don’t want to deal with drunks, try working during the week and day shifts on the weekend. There’s a
a surprising amount of folks that use Uber during the day to get around.

#6 Share your trip details with loved ones

While en route, tap Share trip status in the app to share your driver’s name, photo, license plate, and location with a friend or family member. They will receive a text or push notification that tracks your trip and ETA.

#7 Get Plenty of Sleep

This is an important tip for employees in any industry, but is particularly important if you are responsible for the safety of other people. As a driver, it’s crucial that you be alert and energized. Not getting enough sleep makes your job harder and less safe.

Consistently get 7-8 hours of sleep and you’ll feel healthier, energized, and provide better service as a driver.

#8 Look Into Rideshare Insurance

If you’re a new driver for Uber or Lyft, you may think that your personal auto insurance and the rideshare company’s
insurance are enough to protect you in the event of an accident. While this is mostly true, there is one crucial gap
in this coverage that occurs when you have the app in driver mode but aren’t transporting a passenger.

#9 Be Safe

When you’re driving for Uber and Lyft, one of the most important things you can do is make sure you are pursuing safety for everyone involved. Ensure that you and your riders are safe by doing the following:

Have regular maintenance done on your vehicle.
Keep a first aid kit in the car.
Use a phone mount so you aren’t distracted by handling your phone.
Be wise about when and where to pick up riders.
Report riders who act inappropriately.

How do you become the best Uber driver?

Have your GPS ready to go.
Know the roads.
Know what’s going on in the city (special events and concerts).
Be polite, but don’t get annoying.
Have water available.
Keep a charger in your car. A driver with a charger is a life saver.
Ensure your car is clean and smells good.
Ensure that you smell good (but don’t overdo the cologne).
Don’t ask for tips.
Have some snacks (mints).

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