9 Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners in 2019

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Modern Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and goblins and more about costumes and candy. Now whether or not you participate in dressing up or giving out candy, or both, we do have some Halloween tips for the homeowner. No one wants their happy Halloween to be marred by an accident…especially when it happens on your property! Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners can be beneficial around this time of year.

There are some important Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners that can help to ensure you take the precautions you need to keep everyone safe while visiting your home and keep your home safe as well. Here is a quick safety check to help ensure a happy night of haunting.

9 Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners:

#1 Use LEDs Instead of Real Candles.

Candles are great for creating a sense of mystery or a feeling of warmth, but they also run the risk of the accidental house or yard fires. Brick path lined with jack-o-lanterns lit with LED candles
Pettibone warns against lighting real candles in carved pumpkins or paper lanterns; they're a fire waiting to happen.
LED-bulb faux candles are much safer, and the light looks a lot like the real thing. Before you purchase Halloween decorative lights, be sure to look for safety certifications such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

#2 Make Your Outdoor Lights as Bright as Possible.

Make sure trick-or-treaters can easily see the path to your door. Walk it yourself, at night.

#3 All lighting should be grounded.

You don’t want to overload electrical outlets with holiday lighting or movable decorative objects. All outdoor lighting should be grounded, including low-voltage outdoor security lights and any Halloween lights. Be sure and only use covered electric outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

#4 Clear your walkways.

Clear your walk, steps, and stoop of any obstructions like potted plants – and even jack-o'-lanterns. Move them where no one can accidentally stumble on them. Make sure the path from your driveway or the sidewalk to the front door is free from obstruction. Repair fencing, loose porch railings and uneven terrain that may pose a safety threat. If you add Halloween yard decorations, be sure that they do not obstruct any walkways.

#5 Keep your pets inside.

The constant sound of your door bell ringing or knocking at the front door can be too much for many pets. The ASPCA warns, and scared dogs or cats can dart out the front door or become aggressive. Avoid pet mishaps by keeping them in a separate room – away from the excitement.

#6 Avoid Vandalism.

If you can, park your vehicle in a garage, at very least ensure the car doors are locked. It is also important to keep the inside of your house well lit, especially if you are not home.

#7 Watch for mischief.

Halloween is a big night of the year for car thefts, pranks and suspicious fires. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious or unusual near you and feel free to call your local police or RCMP detachment. If your home gets egged, wash off the materials as quickly as you can to avoid long-term damage.

#8 Assure you have home security.

If you will be away from your home during Halloween, don’t forget to set your security alarm system before you go.
This is a prime time of year for mischief and burglaries. To increase your home’s safety, you can also activate motion-sensitive lights and alert your neighbors that you will be away. Soliom outdoor security camera monitoring your front door will help you keep alert to see who’s at the front door and if someone is trying to break in. You can also use the live view to see who is at the front door, it watches your property 24/7 with 1080P HD video.

#9 Be cautious with your guests.

Anyone gets hurt on your property, it is your responsibility.
It’s important that homeowners put safety first. There are many Halloween safety tips for homeowners that will keep your homes safe and the trick-or-treaters safe when visiting.