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Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System- Meet Soliom S60 Solar Cam

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System- Meet Soliom S60 Solar Cam

Are you looking for the Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System? No matter where you live, it’s always important to take home security seriously. To help you make the right choice in your hunt for the best security camera of 2019. Learn more about the best outdoor security cameras for protecting your home. 

The Soliom S60 Solar camera is a perfect outdoor security camera. It is powered by the sun, this camera is free of cords and wires.Solar power security will help you to ensure backup during no electric power some time. This Camera is most popular on the market. Lets see soliom solar power security camera for home security.This Camera is most popular on the market.

Feature of the Soliom Wireless Security Camera :

This Camera is 100% Wire-free – Lets you discreetly place cameras outdoors
This camera have Night Vision- Enhanced night vision capability lets you see clearly even in the dark
Having Weather-resistant - will keep working rain or shine and through any season of weather
Also have Local video and audio storage- Built-in SD card slot allows for local backup storage in the event of
Internet interruption
and have also 2-way audio – Push-to-talk capability, so you can listen in and talk back
Having 24/7 live video 130º wide-angle view lets you look after your home in 1080p HD, day and night
This camera contains with Intelligent Motion & Sound Detection. Once movement or sound detected, Intelligent alerts
from your security camera will be sent to your PC or smartphone via soliom app.
Having also Free Cloud Service Included
Secured, Reliable and easy to use

Before you make any final decisions about a solar-powered security camera, make sure you know what things to look. About Many people recommend this product as a best security camera. About 591 people reviewed this Battery powered wireless outdoor security camera and 116 answered different type of questions for it. So you can buy the best security camera with a great confidence.

Best Outdoor Home Security System Reviewed by amazon customer

Finally I bought a battery powered security camera, and even better, it can recharge itself through its solar panel. Certainly the main highlights will be 1. Battery powered, 2. Solar panel come with. 3. Wifi connected
That makes it perfect use case for my outdoor surveillance where power wiring is an issue and dont want to drill more holes on my brick wall to pull power cable, or data cable. Once it is setup, I dont need to pull it down to recharge. Certainly YMMV, it depends on how many motions or activities detected, if you place it in a high traffic and set it to high sensitive, then the power consumed probably cant be replenished by the solar panel fast enough. Tweak that to fit your need and prolong the battery life/standby time.
Like the idea that it is powered by battery and consume little by the PIR sensor, and upon motion detected, then full power kicks in to record and push alert to your phone. Not necessary to 24x7 record in my case, only record upon motion detected.
Setup is easy, the wifi ssid and password is transmit through some strange audio to the camera, setup process is like within minutes.
Mounting kit is provided, and even a screwdriver as well, which can take off the solar panel and use it as an indoor motion triggered security camera. I like the panel stays on as an outdoor one.
Overall good quality of picture/video captured. The lens is a little bit "fish lens" like, so you can expect it can capture quite a wide angle of field, which is good!


security camera

Best solar powered wireless home security camera Reviewed by amazon customer

This is my first solar camera,I bought it with my Litom solar light together,I feel excited that it's much simpler than setting up my solar light.Till now I feel happy to buy this camera,I don't like setting up the things with headache,that's as simple as advertised.
From my opinion upon using it a couple of days,I'd like to say that,
the pros:
Truly easy set up,I'm satisfied.
Clear two way talk from both sides
Motion detection works good
Free app is easy to use and connection smooth
It can be used outdoor or take of the solar wing to use it in my room as a battery camera.
The battery really last long!

No micro sd card included( I had a 8gb,I'm ready to buy a larger 64gb soon)
Don't work with alexa

I set it up at front door in my yard to watch my door step,I expect a rainy day to test out the weatherproof function before my return window closed.and I will update some photos or videos later.

Top solar security camera Reviewed by amazon customer

Wanted to get a security camera for outside that did not require all the wires, my concern was the batteries I did not want to have to keep replacing or pulling them out to recharge, so I seen this camera and decided to give it a try since it was solar charging, well I was quite impressed, I read all the reviews on the app since it operates on WIFI, some of the reviews were shocking, but being in IT I know not everyone has the experience in how to setup and manage devices but even then it was not hard to setup, so let me outline this product in pros and cons and offer a little advice when setting it up on WIFI and using the app. I will first say it a pretty good camera gets good distance IR works good for night time overall a really good WIFI cam for the price since it can be used outside and indoors as well so lets break it down.

Good picture quality
Good battery life if you use motion detection
Decent battery life if using full on recording
Uses solar to charge batteries during the day
Pretty good network range
You can use cloud storage or up to 64 gig micro SD card.
Records and can take pics
Live streaming anywhere to see what is going on.
Ability to use outdoors and indoors
Removable solar wings if you use indoors
USB charging port for indoor use
Comes with precision screwdriver to remove the solar wings
Comes with USB charging cable as well for indoor use

Mounting bracket could be a little better not as sturdy as hoped.
Does not come with the trip pod for indoor use have to buy that separate.

So here is my advice coming from an IT person when setting up on WIFI
1. Download the app in the app store
2. Make sure you camera and phone are in good range.
3. Make sure you know your routers name "SSID"
4. Know your password to access your homes WIFI
5. Make sure you are following the directions on how to setup.
6. Make sure your phone and new camera are sitting my each other as it uses sound coding to program your new camera.
7. Make sure you have good signal between camera and router as you might need a WIFI range extender depending on how far you are away, the further away the less signal you get and will cause freezing when trying to view live stream or capture a pic.

If you follow those guidelines your camera should work with no issues. So I would give this product 5 stars for overall quality and price, I would definitely recommend this product to others. Hope everything said helps.

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