Solar Powered Security Camera: 7 Features You Should Know

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Everyone needs security for their home, garden, and other valuables. Security cameras are a common choice for crime prevention, or sometimes even an insurance requirement. Compared to the old CCTV systems, modern devices offer a wealth of convenient features, as well as better quality and power efficiency.
What you want to look for is great video quality, excellent power possibilities, and good features. When it comes to security cameras, you want to find a good balance between function and price. it is a great idea to go for solar-powered wireless security cameras for increased and reliable security. What Makes Solar-Powered Security Cameras Better?

Why should you get a solar-powered security camera?

1. No need to change batteries
2. Environmentally friendly
3. Can be installed in remote sites or geographically challenging environments.
4. No requirement of long wires
5. Quick and Easy to Install

A Solar Powered Security Camera should be an essential purchase for any home concerned with the safety and well-being of family and belongings. Security cameras can provide an extra preventative measure against criminals and can help catch them when break-ins do occur.Go Fully Wireless and Discover the Benefits of Solar IP Cameras for Outdoor Environments.

There's a few cool features that every Solar Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera Should Have.

1.Excellent HD resolution

Most of Wireless Solar Powered Security Cameras has 1080p Full HD and 110-degree wide field of vision. keeping all of the recorded images and videos sharp and bright. By using a wide field of view lens, a single camera can cover a large area, so it can be placed where the solar panel catches the most light.


2.Long Battery Life

A security camera needs to have a powerful enough solar panel to run pull in power for the camera to work for long hours – i.e. during daylight hours and overnight.That’s where solar-powered IP cameras thrive. Combining affordable solar-power with a highly-capable IP camera brings 24/7 surveillance and low maintenance to outdoor areas, such as construction sites, warehouses, barns, farms, rural housing, sheds, or garages.

3.Weather-Resistant Design

The solar powered security camera will keep working rain or shine and through any season of weather; this makes it a great choice for those who live in rainy climates or cities.
Most of solar-powered wireless security camera at least an IP65 weatherproof ranking, what we would consider strong enough to sustain harsh weather conditions.

4.Infrared or Starlight Vision

Solar-powered IP cameras are an ideal go-to surveillance solution for many outdoor scenarios.Since most of us are expecting our security cameras to work at night protecting our homes and vacation cabins, we need cameras that have some way of seeing things at night. Finding a system with Starlight or Infrared Vision can increase the security these cameras offer. Many also give the option of a security light that clicks on and lights the area where they sense motion. This can also enable the camera to pick up images clearly enough to see what’s going on outside.

5.Motion detection

Potentially most importantly, you want a solar powered security camera outdoor system that has motion detection.A motion sensor is activated anytime motion is detected in the range of the camera’s vision. It’s what makes cameras like the soliom wireless solar security camera so attractive to buyers.
More advanced cameras use infrared technology to alert you of movements. This can help to avoid false alarms triggered by wind-blown trees or long shadows. Motion-sensing technology can help to alert you the second that a risk presents itself near your home. PIR motion-sensing technology ensures that it captures anything necessary to maintain security around your home and give you peace of mind. If you’ve got a vacation home, hunting lodge, or some other location where you don’t live but want to keep secure, a good wireless solar powered surveillance camera with movement sensor can track possible issues for you. This is especially true for those cameras that are WiFi enabled.


This option isn’t necessarily required for everyone, but many of you will find it more convenient.
The WiFi solar security camera is compatible with a Wi-Fi network which will allow it to stream videos real-time and to push notifications to your phone if its alarm gets triggered. Connecting to a local network via Wi-Fi is simple and convenient, while modern Wi-Fi hardware provides powerful and reliable connectivity.

7.Two-Way Audio

Most of wireless solar-powered security cameras also has a two-way communication feature. two-way audio system allow you to speak directly to whatever intruders may be moving through your yard, causing instant detersion.