How to get the bird AI Recognition?

We offer one month free storage with bird AI recognition for all bird feeder register email. pls claim the APP a one-month cloud service and bird fans plan first. Click the bird fans plan - get for free - to white color. Step 3. Slide the screen to the right. to find the words bird fans plan.
Choose one bird video. click the screen words "a bird detected". click it. it will show the bird's name. For a quick guide please visit at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLZfho6Uf5U

How to find the BF08 bird feeder camera's power button?

Pls tilt the camera 30 degree first. Then open the top silicon cover to find the power button. It does not need to move the camera out of the feeder frame.

How to find the BF10 hummingbird feeder camera's power button?

Pls push the white color camera out of the feeder frame first. Then open the top silicon cover to find the power button.

How to cancel the bird feeder camera Pro cloud service?

pls check the below steps to cancel the subscription.
Apple store cancel subscription:
Google Play cancel subscription:https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid
Go to Apple Pay or Google play account - my name - subscription/purchase - manage. click confirm. to pause a payment.

How does the SL800 WiFi or SL800 4G camera receive notifications?

If you have the camera "record duration" set to full-time mode, your cell phone won't receive any notifications. However, if you choose the 60-second mode, your cell phone will receive notifications.

How to get the 4G camera online?

1. Pls ensure the 4G camera shows enough sim card data and enough power.
2. If you renewed the sim card data after a long time none use the camera. Press the camera or solar panel power button. The camera will show online.
3. The 4G LTE camera. it can't use wifi. Pls renew the traffic data on the APP - click the device list page - right corner Geat Setting icon. Or, pls find the APP base setting card number like 898522404000**. If you delete the camera from the APP. pls renew it through the below link. https://sim.eiotclub.com/1
If you insert your own AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon 4G sim card into the camera. Please do not use a 5G SIM card.

How to pay for the Security camera cloud service?

If it is an iPhone cell phone. pls bind one card to the Apple Pay first. then pay for the cloud service on the APP. -- If it is an Android cell phone. pls bind one card to a Paypal account first. then pay for the cloud service on the APP.

Security camera, how to share the camera with family members?

One main account only can log in to one cell phone.
If your iPad or family member wants to log in to the APP. Please use another email registered to the APP.
-The person needs to register an account in their Soliom+ app using his/her email.
Click the APP Device List page. Click the right-corner Gear setting. click Sharing Permission from Basic Settings. fill in the family's email account.
Your friend clicks the APP - me. "my friends". click "accept".
Then the family will see the camera on his/her cell phone.

How do I link my Soliom pro for my bird feeder? Can multiple people use it at once?

Please make sure you have download Soliom Pro not Soliom+. To add the AI identify function, we make the unique "Soliom Pro" App for the bird feeder camera. You may pair the bird feeder via Bluetooth or scan the app qr code, for a quick guide please visit at https://www.youtube.com/@zhengli4228/videos.
One Soliom Pro account can be linked to multiple devices without any restrictions. Each device can be shared with 10-20 clients for free.

How to view the videos on PC?

The computer can‘t download the APP.
How do I make the Soliom camera live view at the same time on one Window or laptop?
If it is an IOS system cell phone. Pair the camera with the cell phone first.
(1) Downloaded and installed MEmu on the laptop.
(2) Opened Multi-MEmu on the desktop.
(3) In the Multiple Instance Manager, click on New, click on Android 9.0 (64bit), and create MEmu1.
(4) Did it again and created MEmu2
(5) Started MEmu1 and installed Soliom app and did the same to MEmu2.
(6) Log in to the Soliom app on both using the same username and password.
(7) Live connected to the first camera on MEmu1 and did the same with the second camera on MEmu2.
(Positioned both windows side by side on the desktop.
If it is an Andriod system phone. You can try to run a virtual Android. pls install blue stacks.

Do Soliom Bird Feeder Cameras prevent squirrels from accessing the feeder?

After thorough research, we've found deterring squirrels is difficult. Our focus is on durable materials to prevent damage to the feeder, prioritizing the safety of birds. To prevent attracting squirrels while feeding birds with nuts and grains, consider purchasing our BF08/08S. It features a durable metal case designed to prevent squirrels from biting.

How to register 2-year warranty for Soliom camera?

Pls tell us the camera's order number or camera S/N number via care@soliom.net We will record the camera for a 2-year warranty.

How to move the SD card from the bird feeder camera?

Please press the edge of the SD card with your fingernail. More positions will pop up on the side of the SD card. Then use tweezers to remove the SD card from the camera.

Do Soliom Bird Feeder Cameras require Wi-Fi? Does it store data locally?

Yes, they require wifi. Please use a 2.4GHz wireless network. The device does not support 5GHz wireless network. Meanwhile, please set the Wi-Fi authentication method to wpa2-psk or other lower level of the security method. A password is required.

Even without a plan subscription, “Soliom Pro” will record the birds videos and store in the cloud for up to 3 days loop recording, and you can extend it by subscription or store them in the free 32GB card.

Which style 4G camera is suitable for outside the US?  

Please search Global in our Soliom website. It will show the global 4G camera listing.

Is the Soliom bird camera okay in different weather? What temperatures can it handle?

The IP65 weatherproof and bird friendly design of the bird house feeder with camera makes it a perfect home for your backyard birds with the 5W super effective solar charging panel.
(Therefore, IP65 weatherproof signifies that a device meets high standards for dust and water resistance, making it suitable for outdoor environments. However, it does not imply that the device can be fully submerged in water.)

What are the differences between BF08 and BF08S?

The BF08S feeder camera. Its capacity is1.6L. It is a little smaller than the BF08 bird feeder camera (2.7L capacity). Other functions are the same..

How long does the battery last without solar?

Equipped with a 5000mAh capacity, the battery can last anywhere from 5 to 7 days, with the actual duration influenced by factors such as the frequency of photo capture, video streaming, and prevailing weather conditions.