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15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

With the rapid advancement of technology, the security cameras for home and workplace have become the most viable gadgets for security surveillance.  In such a competitive market, Soliom Bird S60 camera has been able to create its own identity with its first-of-its-kind solar power system and wireless mounting.

15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

1. Keeping the outdoor camera mounted above the front door or at an elevated angle where guests won’t be able to reach, is perhaps the easiest, effective and most common practice. With its 160 degree wide field of view, Soliom S60 will keep the whole front yard including doorway under surveillance.

2. As front door cameras are common and obvious, unwanted guests would often opt for entering the house from the back door. Why not add a video doorbell at the front door and security camera at the back door to keep safe from unwanted people at the backyard?

3. Car theft is one of the biggest concerns these days and parents also face the issue of their kids taking the car even when they are under-age. In order to upgrade home security systems add a home surveillance camera at the garage or basement from where thieves might plan to sneak in or kids plan to take out the car.

15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

4. Kids are prone to get into quarrels with fellow kids and unwanted accidents can often occur when they are playing outside. If you have tall trees in garden, mount the S60 on any tree to keep monitoring the kids even when you are away.

5. If you have a garden at front or back yard, chances are that thieves find a secure hiding place within the plants. You can attach a solar camera inside the garden on any tree or mount it on a pole to make sure your plants and also your house are safe.

15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

6. Installing a camera above the side window or door can actually be a great idea as these places are not usually under surveillance and obnoxious people would take its advantage.

7. In case your house is located in a crowded place with little space between two houses, unwanted guests might try to enter the house by jumping from neighboring roof. Security camera in such places will be great idea.

8. In order to make full out of the wifi security camera, make sure you get a wifi router installed at home to get updates on your phone.

9. If you spend good amount of time near swimming pools, have a camera placed on a pole or on tree to keep the whole area covered. It will also ensure that none gets drowned.

15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

10. Many prefer floor-to-ceiling length glass windows for home and if it leads to your bedroom or any room containing valuable materials, mount a camera above this door.

11. Keep the wifi connected 24x7 as the Soliom S60 can capture excellent night mode footages with PIR motion sensors. Unwanted people mostly turn on at night and the camera will immediately inform you on mobile about any movement.

12. Even after all this, if you get an unwanted visitor like thief and burglar while you are away, make sure to utilize the in-built microphone-speaker of the S60 by shouting at the person(s) and threaten them that they are being monitored to inform the police.

13. If your kid mostly stays at nursery or has babysitter while you are not present, get a camera concealed within any toy or décor items so that you can make sure your kid is safe or in safe hands.

14. You might have any pet or a livestock kept adjacent to your house and as those creatures are nothing less than your family, keeping them safe from thieves or being poisoned can be made sure with the Soliom S60 which can work efficiently in rain or shine effortlessly.

15 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Solar Camera

15. Those having outdoor kitchen or bathroom should definitely mount the surveillance cams at those places because you never know who might have sneaked in there.        

So, what will be your home security recipe from the above? Invest on Soliom’s solar cameras and mount them according to your requirement.  

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