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World's first solar power wire-free smart door camera Review

World's first solar power wire-free smart door camera Review

Soliom solar camera has just hit the market, and I could not wait to own it. As expected, I was blown away by its unmatched features. This solar power and wire-free camera for smart door is the first of its kind. I barely have to worry about the cam’s maintenance because it has been graded as IP66 weatherproof. Also I could easily install it on my house’s roof top.

World's first solar power wire-free smart door camera Review

Moreover, I had to put no input from my side to alter between day and night modes. Soliom cam can do that for itself. Although we have not faced yet faced security threat, the cam’s HD visual and alarm mechanism will surely help me to track down any menace if occurs. I will provide the readers with honest solar camera review here. These pros and cons will help you make a sensible decision.

Pros to know about

+ Its wireless mechanism is truly user friendly. No main power point is needed as it is solar powered and have in-built battery of 4000mah.

+ I can tell from my experience that its weatherproof grading is genuine. I have noticed no functional lacunae in the cam even after it soaked in rain all night.

+ Amazing visibility is striking feature of this camera. This camera is fantastic as it has glass lenses in five layers and adjusts lighting based on days or nights. I am thoroughly satisfied with its 1080p HD displayed during the day time.

+ I found all the necessary equipment in the package itself. I totally trust this product and quite sure that my home security is in safe hand.  It contains the bird camera, machine and expansion screws, reset pin, warning stickers, USB cable and silica gel shield.

Moreover, I could install the cam on my own by following the lucidly written user manual.

+ Few days back I had to go out for some work and other members were out too. But I really had nothing much to worry about since I have the app on my phone. It sends you alarms if anyone trespasses your house.

+ Its Wi-Fi integrating ability helps me to live monitor my house and yard through the Soliom app. I have tried it many times and trust me it provides crystal clear video and both –way audio. I am planning installation of this wifi cam nearby my office as well to ensure professional security.

World's first solar power wire-free smart door camera Review

Cons to consider

- I have observed some loopholes in this cam, but I am ready to overlook those since the pros are certainly outweighing the cons. Still, let me share some trivial issues.

- Micro SD card is not included in this solar cam and it does not support Alexa. Inclusion of these two features could improve the functionality of this product.

- If your camera is placed far from the wi-fi router, then you might have to use an extender for uninterrupted connection thereby ensuring effective surveillance security of your house. 

- On sunny days, the smart camera gets charged to the fullest potential, but on cloudy day it takes time. Thus, you may have to deal with low battery warning and frequent recharging on some rare occasions.

- Since this product is totally new, it is expected that the next models will tackle the said issues and there will be better versions.



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