RANKED 6th In The “Top 10 Best Bullet Cameras"

Soliom was established in 2016 when there were no good solar video security products available in the market. We have came a long way, Now soliom has become one of the best “home security cameras”provider in the market. The recent release of the famous site Ezvid Wiki ranked our product #6 in The Top 10 Best Bullet Cameras.


The report continues to show the popularity of technology brands in recent years. It's representative of a global shift in cameras market amongst an ever-growing number of people with access to data even in developing regions of the world.


Ezvid Wiki spend 47 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options for this wiki. They determined the most popular bullet cameras by first looking at earnings data. Next, they look to international survey results. To identify those that are loyal to a brand, they separate out those that are purchasing based on price and location, so that they focus on people buying the brand for reasons other than convenience.


That helps determine what portion of the company's total earnings are driven by their brand. Finally, they look to consumer loyalty and future earnings projections to determine if the brand will continue to be strong.


They also highlighted how our product has “made our own identity and how our security cameras differ from others”. Soliom is not just a “Security Camera” but a revolution in the security market. Overall, Our product scored a ranking of #6 – a great achievement!


To find out more about our products visit our page here.

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