Best security camera 2019: Our top choices from the best security

With each passing year, the rate of crime gets higher and the method of crime gets advanced. In this context, the best solution one might suggest is installing home security system to stay safe within your own property at least. There are a number of choices in the market with various features offered for your convenience and also your budget. Obviously it will be a tough choice to get the best security cameras according to your affordability and requirement, so, here are the top choices for your convenience –

  • Arlo Q

One of the leading names in the home security cameras, the Arlo Q with its 1080P video resolution during day and night at 30fps rate can be a great choice. It runs on AC power 24x7 with the upgrade to Continuous Video Recording or CVR. During night, up to 25 feet distance is covered by the camera lenses, thanks to the integrated infrareds that are turned on automatically under low light.

Best security camera 2019: Our top choices from the best security

From Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant, the device is compatible with other gadgets. You will get notified about any motion caught by the 130 degree wide lens.

However, the basic video storage service is limited to only seven days and after that you need to subscribe for the cloud storage.

  • Soliom Bird S60

Last but not the least, the Soliom S60 is the pioneer in wireless camera section for it being world’s first solar powered surveillance camera that comes with IP66 waterproofing feature. The Soliom camera with its solar panel is easy to install without the hassle of wires and complicated installation kit. 1080P video capturing in -20 to 60 degree Centigrade temperature is possible with the S60 camera having 5 glass layers.

Best security camera 2019: Our top choices from the best security

Video is captured regardless of the weather and whether it is sunny or cloudy. Integrated RADAR and PIR helps in capturing videos in night mode while covering up to 15 meter distance. Both side audio is an added bonanza.

  • Ring Floodlight Cam

The outdoor security camera from Ring comes with two LED ultra-bright floodlights as light backup during night. This motion-activated camera lets out siren alarm of 110 decibel whenever there is any motion and lets you communicate with the visitor with the in-built speaker and microphone.  

Best security camera 2019: Our top choices from the best security

With 140 degree field of view, the camera also has customized motion detection for person and objects as well as monitoring facility for the blind spots. Its app support also lets you zoom and pan into the object or person and activate lights, siren and camera.

  • EZVIZ Mini O Plus

The indoor WiFi security camera of EZVIZ comes with magnetic base and multiple Infrared LEDs around the wide 135 degree lens so that when night vision is activated, up to 7.5 meters distance can be covered in HD quality. The EZVIZ mobile app will let you communicate with the persons inside the room, thanks to the speaker and microphone.

Best security camera 2019: Our top choices from the best security

You will get motion detection alarm on the app along with a screenshot to help you determine the action. Besides, saving the footages is easy with its in-built micro SD card, EZVIZ NVR and the encrypted cloud.

So, after checking out the price of the above mentioned cameras, which one do you think suits you the most? Select according to the convenience and effectiveness and your home security will never be a concern.

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