5 surprising facts about Home Security Systems you never heard before

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Safety and security of one’s family, homes and assets are the highest one than any other individual’s agenda. After all, these are the protagonist elements in every individual . There is nothing wrong in being vigilant and cautious; on the contrary, it makes perfect sense in these modern times. It is also important to study and educate yourself and your family members regarding the potential threats which may befall because being aware and vigilant are half the work done.

Statistics claim that a robbery occurs every 15 seconds, over 5000 per day and an astonishing 2 million per year, perpetrators take less than one minute to get into your homes, they can rob you in around 10 minutes, 90% robberies are targeted at residential spaces. The most depressing statistic is that the case solving ratio of Police in most reported robberies at 13% mostly due to lack of evidence.

So, what can one do when such odds are stacked against you? The answer is simple; one should simply implore towards the installation of home surveillance cameras.

Below we list 5 surprising facts about home security may have heard before: 

  1. Thieves do not target homes with security systems

Unlike most stories we hear, perpetrators often scout their targets and plan their days in advance. But recent case studies have shown that in most cases, thieves avoid targeting homes with security systems. Just like a ‘beware of dog’ signs are effective, signs stating there an active security system on premises can further inhibit thieves from the action. 

  1. Modern Security systems secure from other threats as well

In recent times, security systems do not just avert are also equipped to alert the homeowner towards other potential threats such as fire, of carbon monoxide, etc. Some brands provide features like asset protection and a direct alert to Police and emergency services. 

  1. Diversely affordable security systems

Several brands offer a wide range of security systems catering to a target audience of varying economic backgrounds. Security systems are available options such as burglar alarm, motion detection, doorbell cameras, indoor home security camera among others. They are often affordable and easy to maintain.


  1. Security systems are unaffected by power outages

Often one wonders whether security systems they desire to install in their homes will work during power outages. The answer is yes. In recent times, most brands have developed their security systems to have two sources of power. Meaning when there is electricity they function on it and there is no electricity they fall back on their internal backup batteries. In recent times, wireless solar security cameras are also available in the markets as a great alternative and a much greener one as well. 

  1. Install Security systems and save money

If you work from security cameras are tax deductible. In another case, insurance companies reward individuals who install security cameras in their homes by reducing their monthly premium amount from mortgages.

With the above facts, we hope you to know the various facts you never heard before.