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How Can I Access My Home Security Footage Over My Phone?

How Can I Access My Home Security Footage Over My Phone?

Being vigilant is the first step towards securing one’s home, business and assets. Most individuals in the modern day have started to install surveillance camera systems for securing and protecting their personal and professional lives. In recent times, digital surveillance systems can be remotely accessed in real-time through smart phones, tablets, and laptops by simply connecting them over the internet.

There are several brands which offer a wide range of security camera products. Soliom is one of the best-reputed brands available in the market. Soliom has dedicated itself to utilize solar energy as the major source to power their devices. They introduced the world with a first-ever solar-powered video doorbell.

This guide will provide you with a basic reference point on how to access your security footage over your portable devices. Firstly, let have a look into a few mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms

Recommended apps for Android devices:

  1. AtHome Camera

AtHome is a free app on the Google App Store. It provides features like time-lapse recording, four cameras can be viewed simultaneously, supports remote monitoring and provide facial recognition.

  1. Alfred Home Security Camera App

Alfred Home Security Camera app provides features like remote access, live real-time video streaming, free cloud storage, walkie talkie functions, zoom among others. It is free for download and use.

Recommended Apps for iOS devices:

  1. iDVR – Pro Viewer App

The iDVR Pro Viewer App supports a wide range of security camera types and is supported with the latest H.264 video compatibility. It supports motion detection, enables viewing of multiple cameras for 4 to 16 grid views. It also features live remote viewing as well.

  1. Zavio IP Camera iPhone App

Zavio IP Camera app supports real-time viewing and remote playback in HD video quality. It also supports PTZ functions and sends alerts on motion detection and other features.

Below are simple steps in the process to link your portable device with your home security or outdoor security camera:

Certain brands have their own customized app. If you do, then just follow the steps below.

  1. Follow the process for app installation from the user manual.
  2. Install the app on your device
  3. Next is to add the camera shown in the app on your phone.
  4. Click on the added Camera and it will show you live feed on your device
  5. Depending on the app, you can also customize configurations for alerts, audio, motion detection, etc.
  1. Creating a link using 3rdparty software with your device using WIFI

If the manufacturer you have chosen does not have a customized app, you can always choose any of the apps we have listed for your benefit above. The process is same with customized apps.

  1. Connecting DVR to device

If you are using a DVR for your security camera the process is as below:

  1. Connect your DVR to your router either via WIFI or LAN cable
  2. Install the manufacturer's customized app or a 3rdparty app
  3. Open the app and enter the IP address, Admin ID and Password
  4. Click enter and your device is now connected

All Soliom devices offer 1080p HD quality live streaming and you can access all the live features through Soliom phone app available on both mobile platforms (iOS & Android).


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