5 Things To Consider When Buying A Surveillance Camera

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Are you going out on a vacation for a few days and are worried about your house and property? Worry no more as Soliom brings you the outdoor surveillance camera operated on solar energy to let you monitor the house entrance and yard effortlessly on your mobile. The camera is one of the safest way to keep your house safe from burglars or unwanted people while attending anyone who visit when you are away for work, travel or else.  While buying a surveillance camera, there are a few features to consider for having seamless performance for years to come. Let’s get started –

Video Quality

The most important of all features in a security camera is the video quality and you should not compromise with any camera that captures videos of less than 1080P resolution. This is the age of high definition media and you need the camera that captures high quality videos both during day and night. Be assured of clear bright videos in daytime and in night mode.

Motion Sensor

The Soliom S60 camera will make sure that you do not miss any minute movement of the people or animals or other materials within the covered area. Look out for Radar and PIR motion sensors which will detect any movement on the front porch and will notify you by sending alerts on mobile. Even during night, the IR motion sensor detects motions in starlight night mode with 0.7 second trigger speed.

Weather Resistance

While looking for the surveillance camera, the weather resistance feature is not to be missed as you need the camera to perform well in every weather conditions. While being solar powered, the S60 camera is able to work even in cloudy weather and under rainy days with the IP66 waterproofing feature. From -20 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius temperature i.e. in freezing temperature and in scorching heat, the camera works efficiently.   

Depth Of Field

You should look for large area coverage with wide angle lens of the camera so that nothing is hidden from your monitoring. Soliom’s camera comes with 30 to 60 feet depth of field even in night vision so that you can be assured of the security of your home throughout the day and night.

Live Streaming And Communication

This WiFi enabled camera comes with the free mobile app through which you will get live streaming updates even while staying occupied indoor or far away from your home. Your property and entrance will be remotely monitored by you any time. As an added bonanza, you can communicate with the person(s) who approached your front door through the in-built speaker and microphone attached with the camera.  

Apart from the above, the camera should also be easy to install if it is wireless and come up with the installation kit so that you do not have to call any electrician to install them. Also, make sure that there is enough storage available for the SD cards to store the footages and whether the card comes with the camera or not. A good battery capacity is like icing on the cake!