What To Look Before Buying A Night Vision Security Camera?

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Have you ever considered enhancing the security system of your home, workplace, farm or any part of your property with outdoor surveillance camera? Well, congratulations! Wait, do you need continuous monitoring both during day and night but do not know what features to look for? For a security camera to capture footages 24x7, you obviously need an efficient night mode feature so that you never miss out even the minute actions of any human being, animal or birds and also the natural calamities taking place outside.

So, what to look for while selecting your coveted outdoor camera having night mode? Have a look.

High Quality Footage – Not Compromised In Low Light

While buying any camera, the picture quality plays the most vital role and this feature particularly is very important for a camera capturing g footages at night. You need only the best quality resolution that is 1080P for the videos. The video should be bright, clarified and with proper details so that you can make out properly what the movement is about in front of your property. The camera from Soliom, for example can be your best deal as it has automated video capturing mode so that with the decrease of light, it starts capturing footages in night mode.

Large Area Coverage

While the camera shoots high definition videos, you need wide area coverage because you never know from where the burglar, thief or predator comes. Besides, in case of livestock monitoring, they can get out of their enclosure and move to whatever direction they like. To track the movement of your livestock and any unwanted person or creature trying to cause harm to your property, you need coverage of wide field of view.

The night vision feature in Soliom’s outdoor camera has 160 degree field of view to cover wide perimeter and its night mode is designed to cover up to 49 feet distance.

Excellent Motion Sensor And Trigger Speed

When wide angle lens of the camera is capturing high definition video, you would not want to miss even the slight movement and therefore, comes the need of efficient Passive Infrared sensor or PIR. With PIR, the Radar motion sensor can perfectly integrate to detect motion and send you real time alerts. The Soliom S60 sensor covers maximum 13 feet distance with 110 degree angle and its 15 fps speed with 0.7 second interval comes as added bonanza to shoot monochrome videos in fast motion.

No Effect Of Weather On Performance

An IP grade waterproofing is what makes a camera efficient against incessant rain and snow. Besides, you would also want it to function it in wide range of temperature. Being solar powered Soliom’s outdoor camera benefits from the sunlight and it can work excellently at temperature ranging from -20 to 600 Celsius and humidity ranging from 20-80%. Besides, its IP66 cover helps in capturing unhindered footages.   

From burglar break-in to irresponsible pranks done by unwanted people, from monitoring the activities of rodents and other pests around your house to keeping a tab at the livestock and poultry –the outdoor camera can give you great access at night if you have chosen the right product.