10 Tips To Improve Home Security

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The evolution of security camera is nothing less than a ray of hope when you are concerned about the safety of your nest. Which once only captured low quality video footages, are now equipped with microphone, speaker, motion detection sensors and many more features. Besides, the wired doorbells of bygone days are now being challenged by video doorbells.

So, while you have planned to check out the wireless video doorbell or solar outdoor camera, here are ten hacks to enhance the overall home security better than ever –

Tip 1: Place Video Doorbell In Plain Sight

Video doorbell placed in plain sight is not only accessible to all and sundry but also is helpful in having close look at the visitor without any obstruction.

Tip 2: Place Security Camera At Slightly Elevated Angle

With 1650 wide angle to capture extensive field of view, the camera should be installed at slightly elevated area to make sure the whole perimeter is monitored for capturing any motion.

Tip 3: Do Not Cover The Surveillance System With Anything

In order to let your Soliom S60 and video doorbell work efficiently, it is recommended that you do not clutter the view of these gadgets with decorative items, foliages etc.

Tip 4: Avoid Installing Glass Door Or Windows

The places where you have no video doorbell or camera, glass wall, door or windows will not be a good idea for those areas as glass is easy to break. Even if there is security cam, you won’t want to risk damage of glass by burglars.

Tip 5: Add Video Doorbell On Front Door

As most people approach your front door, doorbell should be placed here to take video of the visitor to help you understand whether you should open the door or not.

Tip 6: Add Security Camera On Back Door, Garages Or Basements

If you are on budget and are placing video doorbell on front door, invest on the outdoor camera with night vision for unconventional spaces like garage, basement and garage from where burglars can enter.

Tip 7: Make Sure The Doorways Are Well-lit

Although the doorbell and camera is designed to shoot 1080P videos under night mode, for more detail and clarity of the person(s) approaching, a well-lit doorway will always help.  

Tip 8: Avoid Keeping Valuables Near Door Or Window

No matter whether there is surveillance camera placed on window and door or not, you cannot take risk of leaving your valuables in close proximity of doors and windows as unwanted people can attempt to damage them or steal them anyway in disguise or cause harm to property and get away.

Tip 9: Don’t Install Security Camera Within Hand’s Reach

While Soliom doorbell needs to be installed at accessible place, the security cam should be placed high up from reach of any person so that none can tamper with it before breaking in.

Tip 10: Use WiFi At Home And Keep Mobile Connected To Internet While Travelling

As the security gadget sends you live streaming videos over WiFi connection and you need to have internet connection on mobile to get such notifications, it is mandatory to have home WiFi and data connection for mobiles.  

So, once you have applied all these rules, you can be assured of the home safety with both video doorbell and outdoor camera. Integrate security system strategically but at the same time also use common sense to keep the property safe.